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Title Flash and Php Contact Form
Platform n/a
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Category Flash » Movies
Hits 928
Description Flash and php contact form very simple to install.You must have php installed on your web server.


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Scripts Related to - Flash and Php Contact Form

Script Name

sky clock

This is the first of it's kind, totally unique. This one will show you the sky condition instead of the ordinary boring digital clock. it has 7 sky condition (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, midnight and early morning), describing the situation in the sky, according to current local time.

SuperTree by Cool Focus

A powerful animated tree-style menu supporting unlimited nested levels and links. Separators can be used to divide the menu items into groups, and items can have individual icons and colors. SuperTree can auto-collapse unused branches for compactness, and display scroll-buttons above and below the tree. If not in auto-collapse mode, users can expand any number of folders; SuperTree uses an intelligent 'scroll-into-view' feature to display the newly-revealed items.

flappStripThree (Flash Contact Form, Guestbook, MP3 player)

Includes all relevent PHP and XML files (MP3 player is driven by an easy to modify XML playlist), as well as an admin file that will allow you to modify the color and generate the HTML code needed to place the strip on your HTML page. Created by FLAPPS!


Easy to use clocks with time and date in Flash 7. Default resultion is 160x80. Background color may be changed using bgColor parameter.

Swish Like Text Effect

You can create text effects just like in swish, just change your animation on Movie Clip Inside the FLA named "animtext", and Change your own words to animate on MC named "full".

PictureShow by Cool Focus

PictureShow is a fully-animated image display applet. An unlimited number of images are displayed one at a time, with fade, slide and zoom animation effects as images enter and exit. Each image can link to a separate URL. Images can be displayed in numeric order or using intelligent randomization, and slide & zoom or fade effects can be switched off if required. PictureShow supports MP3 sound effects for click and release events, and its background can be transparent in compatible browsers.

PassWord Gate

Us this password gate to simply stop users going to pages you do not want them to goto, unless they have the username and password. Simply open in Macromedia Flash MX 2002 and edit the source code witht eh passwords you want.

DS CrossFade

This flash animation displays a crossfade effect. The flash animation includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.

OutlookBar by Cool Focus

OutlookBar is a 2-level animated menu based on Microsoft Outlook's navigation bar. Any number of buttons can be displayed. When a button is selected, the buttons slide to new positions to reveal a page of icons. Each icon has a caption of one or more lines, and links to a URL. OutlookBar adds scroll-arrows to allow hidden items to be scrolled into view. OutlookBar's options include 3D or flat buttons, gradient-filled page background, sound effects, and full control over colors and fonts.

Muzo by Cool Focus

Muzo is a compact streaming MP3 audio player. Muzo supports a playlist of unlimited length, created by adding the URLs of MP3 files to the applet's datafile. The player can loop through the tracks automatically. Users can also select a track from the playlist, cue it up to play when the current track finishes or play it immediately. Muzo supports pause and resume, volume control and Mute. For each track you can provide information which Muzo will scroll when the user clicks a track.

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