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Title Flash and CFMail
Platform Win NT, Unix
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Flash and CFMail
Category CFML » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
Hits 895
Description This Flash and ColdFusion application allows a user to fill out a small form and have the contents emailed to a certain address.


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Scripts Related to - Flash and CFMail

Script Name

Flash Form with CF Server-Side Validation

This is a simple app combining a Flash form along with CF''s embedded form validation. We all know how easy it is to create a form in Flash. We can also take advantage of ColdFusion's embedded form validation when passing information from Flash.

NeXTensio 2 tNG for ColdFusion

For a developer or project manager building mid-sized web projects that wants to manage database information using HTML forms, NeXTensio is the solution that brings productivity to the process. Unlike other software packages, our product uses a tight integration with Dreamweaver MX, automating code generation and editing. Using NeXTensio you will be able to create a website administration section within minutes! NeXTensio features: --Productivity, even for non-programmers; --Ease of use; --Tight database integration; --Automate form creation and editing; --Based on tNG (transactioN enGine); --ColdFusion and PHP support; --Tight integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX; --Multiple database type connection.

MX Widgets Suite CF

For the Dreamweaver MX CF developers who need to implement enhanced dynamic forms, the MX Widgets Suite offers a powerful alternative to the regular HTML controls. Unlike standard MX forms development, that requires manual coding to implement the application logic, our product relies on the power of CF and JavaScript to enforce an accurate and user friendly forms completion. Features: --Editable Dropdown; --Dependent Dropdown; --Calendar Widget; --Dynamic Search; --Enhanced Input Widgets; --n..1 Dependent Field; --Multiple browser compliance; --Compatibility with all Dreamweaver form generators.


This is a fairly thorough ColdFusion implementation of the ubiquitous perl script ddformmail.cfm is easy to deploy, but has lots of options for making fields required, redirecting after submission, etc etc. Security is dealt with by NOT allowing the recipient address to be specified in a hidden form field, i.e. not following the way that does it. This does mean you need to put a new copy of ddformmail.cfm on your server for every user (with a tiny, simple customisation to set the recipient email variable). The good news is that it takes away the complex and vulnerable regular expression stuff which anyway needs to be modified in for every range of legal recipient addresses. Compatible with ColdFusion 4.5, 5, MX and MX 6.1, and possibly other versions too (reports welcome).


Will display a drop-down menu list with the following content: Years (2002), Months (October, Oct, 10), MonthDays (05), WeekDays (Friday, Fri), States (Florida, FL), Countries (France, FR), CreditCards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express).

CFM Mail Form with BCC

A Cold Fusion E-mail form for your website, that will e-mail you and optionally, send a blind carbon copy somewhere also. After submission, it will redirect the surfer to a "thanks" page of your choice. All you need is Cold Fusion on your server, and an SMTP server. Cut and paste solution.

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