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Title Finance-QuoteHist
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Fetching
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Description The Finance-QuoteHist bundle is several modules designed to fetch historical stock quotes from the web. Modules include: Top level aggregator that will select a default lineup of site instances from which to retrieve quotes, The real workhorse of the bundle, Specific instance of the Generic module tailored for the Motley Fool site, and Specific instance of the Generic module tailored for the FinancialWeb site.


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Script Name


Sirobot is a perl script for the console to make downloads faster. It can traverse into a WWW tree and download the whole page including all images and linked documents. Unlike wget, sirobot is able to download more than one file at the same time. It features: Download webpages recursively, Continue aborted downloads, Concurrent jobs, Convert links, Pattern matching, Graphical Frontend, and more.


Sitescooper automatically retrieves the stories from several news websites, trims off extraneous HTML, and converts them into formats you can read on your Palm computing device for later reading on-the-move. It maintains a cache, and will avoid stories you've already read. It can handle 1-page sites, 1-page with diffing, 2-level and 3-level sites, and it's very easy to add a new site to its list. Even if you don't have a Palm handheld, it's still handy for simple website-to-text conversion.

My Portal


Finance::Quote is a perl module that fetches delayed on-line stock quotes. The Finance::Quote can fetch quote from a variety of sources, including the NYSE, the ASX, and a number of European exchanges.


This script searches in a particular newsgroup for postings and extracts posted urls. newsurl prints a list containing author, subject and posted urls for each posting containing urls. You can specify filters for the subject and/or the author. So you can minimize the download. Optionally a html-output can be generated.


quote is a very short and simple Perl script that retrieves stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance. It's a clean and fast command-line interface for getting snapshot stock market prices. It uses the Perl LWP module if available, or lynx otherwise.

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This script allows you to fetch a specified Web page using HTTP, FTP and GOPHER, and parses it for links counting them as it goes. With multiple sites it will calculate the average links per webpage. The script requires the Win32::Internet module.

Linux Review Headline Grabber

This script fetches the backend file from The Linux Review server every 60 minutes (default) and saves it locally. On request, the local file is read and healines printed in a formatted manner. The script is useful for including headlines in html pages.

Yahoo Club Messages Headline Grabber

This is a simple Perl script that allows you to grab 5 most recent messages in Yahoo Club and display on your HTML page. It requires SSI.


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