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Title FileDB
Platform any
Price Free (LGPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - FileDB
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Download Systems
Hits 543
Description With this class you can easily store, display and send files from a db. It has a built-in hit counter and stores information of last edition, upload, etc. This class uses my db abstraction layer, AbstractDB ( , which allows a unified and easy access to databases, which you can see in this class. CONSTRUCTOR: function FileDB(&$db, $host, $database, $user, $password) FUNCTIONS: function add($file_name, $file_descr = '') function remove($id) function get($id, $addHit = true) function getWhere($from, $where = '', $addHit = true) function getFile($id, $addHit = true) function getFileData($id) function getIds() function sendFile($id) function _getFileContent($file_name) PUBLIC VARS: var $file_count


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Scripts Related to - FileDB

Script Name

D-Man (Download Manager)

A PHP4/MySQL download manager that provides a simple and secure way to manage who has access to download your files and which ones. Your download files are kept in a location inaccessible from the web, and session tracking, optionally encrypted passwords, and a variety of user/file group systems ensure only authorized access. You may allow users to create their own accounts and optionally require admin approval. A Credits system can also be used. Email authorized users of specific download updates (such as for programs), or carry forward authorizations from one download to another. Includes many administrative tools and optional registration/license generator and auto payment processor (PayPal) plugins.


FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. Upon submitting the information, the file is sent to the visitor via email. This is a great way to stop leeching and third-party linking of your files, and you can use the stored name/email address info to build a mailing list or newsletter.

Download Quota

Download Quota is a handy file downloader which will count the amount of bytes downloaded, and stop when it has exceeded a preset limit. Features: Hidden urls; Email notification when the quota has been reached; User accounts; Statistics; MySQL database support.


paFileDB lets you easily have a database of downloads on your website. Adding downloads is easy. Upload (if neccesary) and use paFileDB to add it to your database. No more messing with HTML files or HTML editors. Features: MySQL Backend, Categories, Password-protected easy to use admin center, Counting downloads, Pinned Downloads, Search Database, Post Icons, and more. For the users of previous verions, there is a script to convert version 2.x data into v3 data.

WebUMake DL Manager

DL Manager is a full featured download and license manager that allows you to administer free or licensed downloads on your website. Offer free downloads, paid downloads or a mixture of both. Have multiple license or subscription types and term lengths. View detailed reports of user logins, downloads and subscriptions or licenses.

Show Pic

ShowPic is a simple download utility that is very hand for allowing the download of a list of files that might otherwise be handled by the web browser or another associated application. The current version is placed in the data directory and the only configuration the wildcard setting (in showpic.php file) is for the file system array. It is currently for .jpg files.

Simple File-System

This is a Simple File system (Download Manager)! Read the readme for more info ! You can find more scripts on my homepage

MD Downloader

Do you have lots of downloads on your website, but no way of keeping track of them, or finding out how many people are downloading which file MD Downloader is just the program for you. It allows you to quickly add and administrate downloads and to get a hit count for each file. It runs on a mySQL database and can be used for downloading programs, images, zip files, MP3s and many other things.

download counter

This tiny little script uses a mysql db to list your download files with their current download count and links them to the files stored in the database.


YellDL (YellDownLoad Tracker) is a download tracker and statistics manager for websites with download files, which wish to monitor the amount of downloads its files receives. It features extensive, easy to use features, with a user-friendly, light graphical user interface. YellDL comes complete with Administration area for modifying the statistics on files and settings of YellDL should you want to, and customisable templates, and now forces download for all filetypes as opposed to just opening them.

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