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Title File Uploader (Easy Code)
Platform linux, windows, freebsd
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
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Description If you really want to know how to upload files using php,then you have just chosen the correct script. Go through it and read every line, there is a small description for each code line.


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Scripts Related to - File Uploader (Easy Code)

Script Name


A professional uploader/downloader system with user authentification. No need of sql as database maintained in flat file. User File Browser Area with ability to upload,download and delete. Seperate user folder auto created when user account registration. Very easy to install as only one file which contains the varibles is needed to modify. Ability to use your own header/footer. Upload catagorized in two types: Private Upload, Public Upload. Advanced Administrative Panel.


The Lideo_Write_File_uploader is written in both php and javascript featuring security,selectable download DIR,password protection,view after upload,and modify excutabele files such as exe and pl to protect you from harmfull uploads.For limited time it is FREE and uses the UNIX platform without any requirement for sql or a database of any kind. Just change the variables to your web site, enter your passwords and upload. Copyright Larry J. Chapman Sr

Mega Upload - Progress Bar

Mega Upload is a progress bar for php uploads. Even though PHP provides an easy to use built in file uploader it does not provide support for the display of a progress monitor while the file is being uploaded. Version 1.40 sees improves the scalability.

File upload form

Real helpful script I put in a control for file size and type, a email confirmation will be sent to site owner and visitor who uploaded the file. A link will be generated to show them the file uploaded on completion , easy to modify

Image uploader

This is a very simple script that i use to upload images to a webserver. It returns the path where the file was stored, plus html- and bbcode for usage on forums. It is recommended to passprotect the folder this script sits in, therefor images are being copied to a folder outside the directory of the script.

My PHP - FileUpload (one directory)

Simple FileUpload is a small script that gives the user to be able to upload and download in one map with an username and password. Very handy for a group of users who want to share some files for i.e. school projects. That was the reason this script is written. Style is editable via a stylesheet and very simple to install. !Attention! The directory you share has to have read and write rights!


phUploader is a script for uploading images or files to a server. It comes with the option for image or file uploads, or both. You can specify your own file extensions that are accepted, the file size and naming options. The script has the capability to setup folders and chmod on the first run for easier setup for new users. This was tested with Linux and WindowsXP (EasyPHP). This script is very useful for temporary file storage or simple sig and avatar hosting.

Simplicity oF Upload

this simple system is easy to configure and is safe to use. some of the features it has: Multiple files upload, Extensions check, Extensions attributes, Max file size control, ability to change mode of uploaded files, FREE ;) the script is very simple (as its name says) and is heavily commented! so modifying it would be easy.. comes with readme file that will guide you in installing the script.

Passworded Upload

Password protection, easy to use upload, upload folder can be specified, information on installation in readme, very simple

Maian Uploader

Enables visitors to sign up for an upload account and upload files to your server. User and webmaster admin interfaces. Allocate storage for each visitor. Restrict file types. Templates and much much more......

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