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Title File Manager
Platform Win 98/NT
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - File Manager
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 733
Description File Manager is an ASP based tool that is meant to emulate the functionality of Windows Explorer for web sites. It gives users the ability to manage their web site without having to use any client side software, ActiveX, or Java. Being totally server side ASP based, you just need a browser. It is all written in VBScript and the only component required is an upload component.


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Scripts Related to - File Manager

Script Name

Active Server Manager

ASM is a must have web site management software when away from your PC and do not have access to your web page editor and need to make quick changes. No need to have FrontPage, FTP or any other editor. With the Active Server Manager (ASM), you can do it all using your web browser from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Main features include: Directory/Site Browsing, Directory Creation, Directory Rename, Directory Deletion, File Creation, File Editing, File Copy, File Move, File Rename, File Delete, Limits Allocated Disk Space, Web Site Statistics Display, Specify Start/End Dates, Sort on hits or bytes, Include/exclude graphics files, Shows Referrers, Shows User IP Addresses, Total Hits by User, and Statistics Preferences (Daily, Weekly, Monthly to have logs cleared)


SA-FileManager is a single, easy to use component that addresses all of your File Management needs. Features include: 100% script compatible with the Microsoft Scripting.FileSystemObject, File Encryption, Access Control List Manipulation, File Ownership, LogonUser / RevertToSelf, Show security context of current thread, Binary File read, write, fill INI File Manipulation, Database BLOB Import/Export, DLL Registration, Can be used in any COM client including Visual Basic, C++, etc., and more.


This is the complete and powerful file manipulation ASP component. It allows you to open, read, write, delete and even change attributes of a file all from within your ASP pages.

Directory Browser

This system allows unrestricted browsing of your entire web site and all of it's sub directories - all from one file.


This component will return the details of a selected directory as a collection of objects, full file properties are returned include size, creation date, last write date, last access date, archive, system, readonly and hidden flags. The objects are returned in a script friendly manner.


Use this powerful yet easy to use FTP component to perform all your uploads, downloads and other ftp commands all from within your ASP pages. Key features include: Works with most firewalls, One Line express upload and download, Execute any command on the ftp server (e.g. NOOP, PWD), and Get return message from ftp server.


aspSmartFile is a 100% web application allowing you to manage the files and folders on a web server simply and efficiently using a standard web browser. Feature include: Simple integration into your web site, Total file management, Customized display, Quota management, File restriction management, and more.

FathFTP component

The FathFTP is an ActiveX/COM component for Windows developers. It provides your applications with the capability to access FTP servers on the Internet, download and upload files or even continue broken transfers.

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