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  • D-File Manager 1.0 Beta
    D-File Manager is a small, quick, and efficient file managment script that has many features. Features: Quick Directory Browsing File Stats File Commands (Chmod, Edit, Delete, Etc...) Directory Stats Directory Commands (Chmod, Edit, Delete, Etc...) And Much More... Demo: Website: Please check out the demo and see how you like our file management script.
  • MyWebFTP Personal - Free Demo/$24.95
    Beyond a firewall or proxy blocking FTP access This product is for you! MyWebFTP Personal is a web based FTP PHP script designed for a webmaster. Does NOT require the PHP built-in FTP support (which is not activated on many hosts). With this script you easily manage your files with comfortable file listing split in pages with sorting, edit your files online, download and upload. Site manager is also included to store your FTP accounts login settings. New features include filename wildcards filter, copy files, email files, upload from another FTP server, download multiple files with zipping, transload (put a file from URL to your FTP server).
  • PHPsFTPd - Free GNU/GPL
    It can be used an any http server that suports PHP and does not need a database or adittional php modules , only SlimFTPD It allows the administrators of the ftp server to configurate it from within this interface as opposed to its native ascii conf.file It shows statistics about the users that accesed the server , the files that were downloaded , server breakdowns etc
  • Indexer
    This is a small php-script which provides a nice looking index of the content in the directory where it is located (including the directories below). It is valid xhtml and can be customized with css.
  • phpgen - GPL
    It uses a MySQL database for each project, phpgen generates the appropriate php files to insert, delete, update and list the db contents, so you will save a lot of time.
  • TorrentParse
    Torrentparse uses BEncode and BDecode libraries to parse torrent files used by Bittorrent and return information that is useful to the user looking at the webpage.
  • Torrent-Stats - 30 EUR
    If you want to know how much seeds/leechs are connected on a torrent, want to get ip, bt clients ,and peer_id of every peer and then display them on your website, use Torrent-Stats. I will develop customised versions which will be used on your site only. Every good torrent listing site needs a good scrape script behind, choosing Torrent-Stats is the best way for your site to get the success it should have !
  • MyWebFTP Hoster - $44.95
    Additional value for your web hosting customers and increased security and lower external traffic for your FTP servers. MyWebFTP Hoster is a PHP script for a hosting company to provide the customers an easy to use web based interface to FTP servers. Users can connect to only certain servers specified by the admin. Admin can also set up certain actions to be allowed or not, for example to disable chmod or online editing. New features include filename wildcards filter, copy files, email files, upload from another FTP server, download multiple files with zipping, transload (put a file from URL to your FTP server).
  • Digital Archive - Freeware
    If you don't like Apache directory listing output You can change its look by using Digital Archive PHP scripts. It works on Apache 1.3.x and 2.x
  • Easy Admin - opensource (GPL)
    With Easy Admin the user can create, modify, and delete files and directories. The code is in a modular format so new modules can be easily created and added. The download is small and contains no un-necassary images or advertising and it is released under the GPL. Important Update :: 1.1.1 has encrypted passwords and now works on newer PHP systems. Does not require register_globals to be on
  • PHP Advanced Transfer Manager - Free (GPL)
    phpATM lets your users to upload and download file from your server. It's highly configurable with user accounts support. Users can give description to files, create and delete their own files and directories and sort lists by filename, upload date or downloads. It's multilangual, no database nor cookies are required, features ip logging and blocking, last uploads and top donwloads lists, user statistics. Files can be uploaded form your client or from a remote host.
  • Philex - Free (GPL)
    Philex, or PHILe (file) EXplorer, is a the generation of website content manager based on PHP. This open source application, is intended to be a professional tool for managing websites content, and also, to be used inside an Intranet/Extranet environments. Multi platforms, multi authentication (mysql,ldap,xml,textfile...) modular code integration, to preserve scalability and easy software updates, multi languages and friendly user interface. Philex gives the possibility to download as many selected files in compressed format as possible.
  • Obie FILEMAN v2 - Freeware
    An useful file management with edit, rename, delete, CHMOD, download file, creat new file, multi files uploading, files group deleting, add and clear favourite dir list.... Easy configure your own virtual root dirrectory for script. There is only one file and it can be placed anywhere on your server with anyname you want.Updated to version 2.0 with : Zip and unZIP compressed file on Server, copy and move files and folder, large file spliter and merge, files and folder searching, empty folder, SMART file editor, protect mode, anti URI hacking and many userful features.
  • Auto Directory Index PHP Script (AutoIndex) - Free (GPL)
    Makes a table that lists the files in a folder, and lets you access the files and subdirectories. Also includes links to each file, icons for each filetype, and the ability to search for files. It also has the option to log access to files and folders and includes a built in anti-leech system.
  • FSGuide - free, GNU GPL
    FSGuide is a great two-panel file managment tool that helps performing file operations through the web. Features: user authentication, access control lists, 2-panel layout, bookmarks, filelist, file uploader (and run any application after upload!), bandwidth-controlled download, advanced select dialog, file editor (even binary!), file viewers (highlighting HTML and PHP code), multilingual support + a lot more more! It's written in PHP, it needs no database backend. Check the screenshots at the website!
  • EZS File Manager - GPL
    Easy and Simple File management system was built to let you access various files and directories on your website with ease and without requring a ftp connection . It includes standard features like new file , new directory , delete , edit , view and upload files . It was meant to be very simply integrated and used without requring much configuration (no database required ). The user interface is kept as simple as possible . The system is simple , easy to use , yet powerfull enough for advanced users .
  • phpWebFileManager - Free (GPL)
    phpWebFileManager is file management tool, written in PHP. It is designed for inclusion in large projects, and it can also act as a PostNuke module. Its main features are multi-language support, secure directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation, uploading, renaming, deleting, and viewing. There is also a powerful configuration file that allows you to allow/deny appropriate file management actions.
  • dirsize - Free
    PHP command line utility to determine the real file size of a given directory structure. It takes one parameter, a directory path and then outputs statistics about that directory. Includes the size of the dir (inlcuding its sub(sub-)folders and some interesting average values). Easy to install & use.
  • JPETo FTP-Client - EURO 100
    JPETo FTP-Client is a FTP-client, which runs in your browsers window using HTTP (enables FTP through your HTTP-enabled Firewall). Features: FTP file upload, FTP file download, delete file, create directory, delete directory, and show file permissions. Note: Requires the free zend optimizer.
  • NTFM2 (Nutext Technologies File Manager - Version 2) - LGPL
    Major enhancements have been merged into this rewrite of ntfm, including language packs (French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional). Have a look and tell us what you think. *UPDATE* ntfm is now released free of charge under the LGPL. See the project page (in the download url) for more information.

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