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  • FTP Applet
    FTP Applet is a full-featured Java based FTP client that runs in the context of your web browser. FTP Applet is targeted towards organizations wishing to provide their users an easy method of exchanging data without the need for additional client software. A free fully functional version of FTP Applet is available for download. Recent features include: Added support to browse local volumes. Added support to browse recent local remote directories. Added support for Mac Classic platforms (OS 9). Local directory listings are now sorted alphabetically. Added loginErrorUrl parameter to specify page to redirect to in the event of a login error. Added SOCKS proxy support. Added ability to exclude remote directories from display. See remoteDirs applet parameter. Added ability to limit remote directories displayed. See remoteDirs applet parameter.
  • Rad FTP Client - Free
    A full featured graphical File Transfer Program for windows, linux and macintosh desktops. The FTP client is multithreaded allowing you to perform several tasks concurrently. It's available as a free download and does not expire.
  • JFTP
    JFTP is a graphical FTP client that allows you to transfer files securely over the Internet using FTP and SFTP. Some of the features of JFTP include: support for all basic and advanced FTP tasks, support for SSL with 128-bit encryption, multiple concurrent FTP sessions, file filters for selective file transfers, secured favorites manager, and certificate manager. JFTP fully supports internationalization and localization and is available in 4 languages - English, German, Chinese (simplified), and Chinese (traditional). It also offers multiple deployment options such as standard installation, as a Java Applet and Java Web Start.
  • Deleter - GPL
    Some programs create temporary service files (
  • ucWebFiles - 40$ USD
    The software ucWebFiles 1.0 is a remote web file manager. It allows you to manage your files inside a Web navigator. [java]
  • ucWebShare - 15$ USD
    The software ucWebShare 1.0 allow you to share your files which will be accessibles inside a Web navigator. [java]
  • jBackup - Freeware
    jBackup is a easy-to-use cross-platform backup tool. It stores your data to a ZIP or TAR archive. Different data sources are supported: 1. Local files 2. Web pages 3. FTP files
  • fdf-Converter - 95 USD
    fdf-Converter allows to convert any FDF file to a data format, other applications or data bases are able to import. You simply have to select a FDF file you want to convert and then select an export format. In addition to that you are able to define a table structure so that you can directly organize data import for example to Excel or Access.
  • MultiShow - Freeware
    MultiShow is a multipurpose file viewer for audio, video, images and text. Supported data types: Audio (AIFF, GSM, IFF-8SVX, MIDI, MP2, Sun Audio, Wave); Video (AVI, IFF-ANIM, MPEG1, QuickTime Movie); Image (BMP, FPX, GIF, IFF-ILBM, JPEG, PNG, PNM, TIFF); Interactive (Macromedia Flash 2, IBM HotMedia, QuickTime QTVR); Text (HTML, PDF, Plain, RTF); and File structure (Hex, IFF, QuickTime).
  • JavaShare - Free
    The JavaShare Client/Server program is a relatively safe way to share your files over the internet. Both you and the person you wish to share files with must be running JavaShare. Further, the JavaShare program requires that both users use the same internet Port number. Once connected to another JavaShare user on the same Port, you will be able to browse the HostĂs ˘shared÷ directories. You will be able to download files from, or upload files to the Host machineĂs shared directories.
  • JFTP - The FTP Client For Java! - Free
    JFTP is a cross-platform graphical FTP client that provides an easy point-and-click interface to FTP servers on the Internet or intranets. JFTP runs on any platform that supports Java 1.1, and has been tested on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Linux, MacOS and Sparc and Intel Solaris platforms, connecting to NT and UNIX based FTP servers. JFTP lets you "Quick Connect" to an FTP server for a one-time exchange. JFTP also maintains a mini-database of your favorite FTP sites, optionally saving your username, password, optional account, and local / remote starting directories. Easily create new connections, or delete unused ones in a friendly Connection Manager dialog. JFTP connections can be configured to work through an FTP proxy server.
  • fmweb - Free
    fmweb is a web-based file manger written in Java. It can be used to manage the local filesystem or via the TCP/IP network the filesystems of remote machines. The communication is via HTTP. fmweb has a built-in WWW server. Although fmweb is a platform-independent java application, it offers many functions that specialized file managers for the operating system provide.

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