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Title Fequently Asked Script
Platform Unix, Win
Price 2.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Fequently Asked Script
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » FAQ and Knowledgebase
Hits 630
Description This is one of the handiest scripts and it apears on just about any website. We use it. Whether you deal with art work to zoo animals, if someone asks a question, its probably been asked before. So instead of answering emails with the same subject matter just direct them to the Frequently Asked page. This script requires MySQL


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Script Name


FAQMaker is a powerful PHP application designed to generate and handle FAQ or Q&A structured documents, organized in hierarchical chapters or not (unlimited hierarchy). With FAQMaker, you can design this type of document very efficiently, and offer to your users or visitors search facilities (keywords and/or contents search) and content retrieval (multiple formats to print, or receive a FAQ as e-mail). Other features : database layer, multi-editors support, independant from PHP's configuration directives, on-line help, skins support, localizations. On-line demo at :

Faq's/Contact Service

The faq's/contact service offers a place where users can create their own website faq's/contact system which adds a easy to moderate, professional layout to service customer support. With our faq's/contact service users easily create their free faq's/contact page that can be easily added their own website that is 100% moderated from the members area. This website has enormous traffic potential and features a rotating banners system that displays on all member faq's pages and the main website plus a newsletter for advertising revenue.


KBEverywhere is a powerful PHP application designed to generate and handle Knowledge bases organized in articles. With KBEverywhere, you can design KBs and articles very efficiently, paginate articles, and offer to your visitors search facilities (keywords or contents search) and content retrieval (multiple formats to print, or receive an article as e-mail). Other features : database layer (MySQL and PostgreSQL support for this version), multi-editors support, independant from PHP's configuration directives, on-line help, skins support, localizations. Details and on-line demo at :

Great FAQs, The Dynamic FAQ Builder

Great FAQs is a database driven, FAQ script where site users can visit the site to read FAQs. If they have a question that is not listed, they can ask from the same page and the site admin receives it to reply. The FAQs are added from admin side, so no need for editing html pages.

KnowledgeBase/FAQ Generator

A basic KnowledgeBase, simple installation, easy to use! Support for unlimited articles, search feature, very easy to use and for your customers to use!

Easy FAQ

Easy FAQ is a powerfull FAQ system. It will help you to support your buisness. It is very flexible and can match your needs. - There is no limits for the quantity of FAQs. You can add as many FAQs as you want. - The depth of sub topics is 26 steps (Topic/sub/sub2/sub3/ .. /sub26). - You can add "hidden" FAQs. They are visible for the users you defined only. - There is no need to make graphic buttons manually any more. They will be generated automatically with your text and links. - Easy FAQ has 4 ready made templates. - Make your own templates!

MD Glossary

Do you have lots of confusing words and jargon on your website Would your visitors like to be able to just click on them and get an explanation of what they mean Well MD Glossary will do this and with an archive of easily browsable or searchable glossary. An administrator pannel is also included which allows easy adding/updating/deleting of words and more besides. Avaliable in English, Spanish, German and Polish.

Orca Knowledgebase

The Orca Knowledgebase is the simplest way to create and manage a knowledgebase or FAQ of questions and answers, organized by category and subcategory. The script comes of age in version 2.0 with many intuitive features, improved administration and full-featured search functions. A separate stylesheet provides easy visual customization. Both the User GUI and Control Panel layouts have been completely redesigned for speed and ease of use. Hosting and managing a comprehesive knowledgebase has never been this easy!

Glossary of Terms - A dictionary

If you have terms, words or even questions on your website that need a definition, This script is for you. Your visitors will be able to click on the term and get an explanation of what it means This is an easily browsable or searchable glossary with an administrator pannel that allows easy adding, updating, deleting of words. Can be used as a dictionary, glossary or even an FAQ's knowledgebase.

Anoetic EzFAQ

Anoetic EzFAQ is a PHP script utilizing a MySQL database back end to store frequently asked questions and answers for a web site. It includes the ability to add unlimited categories and subcategories, unlimited questions/answers and a search feature to look up FAQs based on keywords and phrases. Each record also has a keywords field which is searched in addition to the questions and answers. Anoetic EzFAQ also includes a web-based admin interface. No java or javascript was used.

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