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Title FSGuide
Platform platform indenpendent
Price free, GNU GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - FSGuide
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
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Description FSGuide is a great two-panel file managment tool that helps performing file operations through the web. Features: user authentication, access control lists, 2-panel layout, bookmarks, filelist, file uploader (and run any application after upload!), bandwidth-controlled download, advanced select dialog, file editor (even binary!), file viewers (highlighting HTML and PHP code), multilingual support + a lot more more! It's written in PHP, it needs no database backend. Check the screenshots at the website!


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Scripts Related to - FSGuide

Script Name

EZS File Manager

Easy and Simple File management system was built to let you access various files and directories on your website with ease and without requring a ftp connection . It includes standard features like new file , new directory , delete , edit , view and upload files . It was meant to be very simply integrated and used without requring much configuration (no database required ). The user interface is kept as simple as possible . The system is simple , easy to use , yet powerfull enough for advanced users .


phpWebFileManager is file management tool, written in PHP. It is designed for inclusion in large projects, and it can also act as a PostNuke module. Its main features are multi-language support, secure directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation, uploading, renaming, deleting, and viewing. There is also a powerful configuration file that allows you to allow/deny appropriate file management actions.


PHP command line utility to determine the real file size of a given directory structure. It takes one parameter, a directory path and then outputs statistics about that directory. Includes the size of the dir (inlcuding its sub(sub-)folders and some interesting average values). Easy to install & use.

JPETo FTP-Client

JPETo FTP-Client is a FTP-client, which runs in your browsers window using HTTP (enables FTP through your HTTP-enabled Firewall). Features: FTP file upload, FTP file download, delete file, create directory, delete directory, and show file permissions. Note: Requires the free zend optimizer.

NTFM2 (Nutext Technologies File Manager - Version 2)

Major enhancements have been merged into this rewrite of ntfm, including language packs (French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional). Have a look and tell us what you think. *UPDATE* ntfm is now released free of charge under the LGPL. See the project page (in the download url) for more information.


This is an open-source web based file manager software written in PHP. With this software you can managing your web site folders tree and files in your web browser. You can create a folder, upload files, rename a file or folder, preview a file in browser, delete files, folder and even non-empty folders.

Software Copier

Software Copier - File Management Software. This unique in its purpose software was designed to allow fast duplication of multiple files in desired directories on a website. Software Copier employes a special function of "Banned Directories" to prevent copying files to or removing them from undesired locations. This product was designed to support Directory Reader. Together they form a perfect combination for professional website indexing.

Jax DWT Editor

Online Editor for HTML files, based on Dreamweaver Templates. Integrated File Explorer, Multi language support.


Abacus is a very easy to use (and install as well) File Manager written in PHP. It can be used without any changes both on Linux or Windows webserves. Only requirement is to have PHP installed. Main Features: Very easy installation (just copy all the files on the webserver and configure 3 parameters) Template approach (so you can easily create your one) Easy navigation trough the clickable top bar that allows user to quickly jump between each level of the files tree. Lot of functions reachable with one click... So renaming and deleting files or folders is very fast. A lot more...


Installs easily on any webserver with PHP and allows the site owner to offer visitors a user directory on their server where they can upload, create, edit and delete files from their browser.

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