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Title FAQmaster
Platform n/a
Price $25
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » FAQ and Knowledgebase
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Description FAQmaster is an easy to use FAQ management system allowing you to create an organized and easily maintainable FAQ for your website. Ideal for large FAQs. Add, edit, delete, modify, and sort Categories, topics, questions and answers. Includes form for end users to submit new questions.


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Scripts Related to - FAQmaster

Script Name


FAQdb is a MySQL database driven FAQ manager that allows site administrators an easy way to answer questions and maintain a categorized and searchable FAQ on their site. The script is highly configurable and easy to install.


QAMaker lets you create a searchable list of questions and answers for your website with a simple HTML form. You can add entries, and let viewers see the full list of questions or just search for what they want. Heavily based on VocabSearch, it does not now let you delete questions/answers from the file: you must do that by hand. Still, it makes a nice list of frequently asked questions if such a thing is useful for your site.


WebKNotes is a Web-based Knowledge database of notes. Features include: Notes/subtopics about anything added by any user, Search facility, User Authentication, Users can edit notes they created, and Notes can be viewed using several different methods, or the files can just be browsed. The WebKNotes system is written in Perl and uses a file hierarchy for a database.


This is a script that will allow you to easlly maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It features: Unlimited Entries, Two layout options, Web Based configuration and easy of use.


Arts is a collection of Perl scripts which process and manage incoming mail to create a knowledge base. It's designed to save information that is generated for email (either by design or choice) that is determined to be valuable away for safekeeping and future use.

FAQ Builder

FAQ Builder is a Perl script that generates an html document based on the questions & answers as stored in the data file.


FAQ PLAIN, stands for "FAQ Preprocessor Lacking An Interesting Name", is a very easy to use customizable FAQ web page generator. It features: Easy to use - no HTML code needed for the FAQ, Automatic numbering of questions; hierarchical structure of the numbering, Separate the FAQ into sections; section headers appear at top of page, Generates one static HTML page, and more.

FAQ Engine


FAQ IT is a "keyword-relational" FAQ database that allows users to submit questions via a web page. The FAQ IT administrator can then login and upload answers to questions. Features include: You can respond to questions by posting answers on the web, sending an email message, or both, HTML-based templates, Keyword Search, A password-protected administrative area to answer/modify/delete FAQs online, and Entries are automatically sorted by a specified field.

FAQ Generator

This script allows you to create & manage your Frequently Asked Questions area with ease. Administer your FAQ area from a password protected web browser admin interface. You can also let a user request a FAQ group or group(s) and have them sent directly to the email address they choose.

Google Search


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