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  • FAQman
    FAQman lets you create and maintain a FAQ using text files only. Add/Edit/Delete of groups and questions/answers. Easily included a formatted FAQ into your website with one include.
  • ActiveKB Knowledge Base Software
    ActiveKB is the easy to use, powerful Knowledge Base software that will help your customers, help themselves. 100% Web based, simple installation and professional features, including WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Attachments, unlimited questions and answers, Active Response System and much much more. 100% Rebrandable. Get your knowlege base software up and running in minutes!
  • Lore - $89.95
    Lore is a PHP and MySQL powered knowledge base management system that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base. It features search engine friendly URLs, unlimited articles, (sub)categories, file attachments, article comments, ratings, glossary, full-text search, related articles, WYSIWYG editor, and a completely customizable template/style system which is based on Smarty. Advanced features include reusable article components, the ability to publish or unpublish articles, and featured articles. A complete Web-based control panel is included, and an installation wizard allows for easy setup.
  • FAQ Manager Pro :: Intelligent FAQ solutions for everyone! - $49
    FAQ Manager Pro is comprehensive php FAQ and knowledgebase solution. ItÝ╗s intend to provide complete, customizable and fully-functional FAQ options. • Powerful templates management options, including online templates editor. • Easy installation and instant work. • Built-in filter: full control on questions and answers! • WYSIWYG editor. • Detailed Statistic and Analysis: Get all the information over customer interests and effectiveness. • Customer comments. • Articles Rating. • Printable Articles. • Automatic Related Articles option. • Powerful searching and full search history. • Multi-Language support. • Unlimited number of subcategories. • Top XX questions and Last XX questions options. • Full administrator log available. Stop talking! Let us show you, check out FREE ONLINE DEMO!
  • KnowledgeBuilder
    KnowledgeBuilder is a professional knowledge base/FAQ solution. Our dynamic user-friendly interface allows you to easily organize and manage your articles while allowing visitors to build upon what you have. Increase productivity while saving time and resources. Features Include: Unlimited Categories/levels, glossary, customizable design, article rating, commenting, etc.., automatically finds related articles, full text search, multiple adminÝ╗s, password protect articles or categories, WYSIWYG, and more. Reduce customer support by allowing visitors access to questions in a hassle free and prompt manner. Having a 24/7 help desk has never been easier.
  • Comdev FAQ Support v2.0 - 59.00
    Comdev FAQ Support is the most advanced knowledge base management system that allows you to offer an easy way for your customers to automatically get answers to their specific questions, while reducing support cost. Key features includes: extremely easy to install using web based Installation Wizard, plugin to your site with just a single PHP snippet, top notch support, able to integrate with Comdev Customer Helpdesk, unlimited questions, WYSIWYG HTML editor, upload attachments, order FAQs sequence, FAQ categorization, advanced FAQ searching using natural language phrases, most viewed FAQs & latest FAQs on main page, related FAQs, printer friendly version, tell a friend, hits counter, rating. Packed with user-friendly admin panel. FREE Installation Support.
  • Simple PHP FAQ Manager - freeware
    "Simple PHP FAQ Manager" is a powerful, yet easy-to-use system for administering Frequently Asked Questions. It uses PHP & MySQL to provide a means to administer categories and questions. You can view, add, edit, delete, and show/ hide questions in the FAQ. It comes documented with a very easy to understand "Read Me" file and well commented files.
  • FAQSystems Free Knowledgebase for your web site.
    FaqRing is a free knowledge base application developed to be quickly integrated into any web site allowing end users to post questions, and administrators to quickly answerer the question and publishing them to the end users for reference or removing the question from the knowledge base.
  • A Knowledge Base űFree - Freeware
    This is free Knowledge base software, written in PHP using MySQL. It is designed to create an easy to use knowledge base for any web site. Comes with an easy installation wizard. The software supports file attachments, multiples levels of knowledgebase administration, including authors and managers. Our site includes free knowledge base screen shots, a live knowledge base demo, and of course the totally free software download. We hope this product enhances the nix and PHP environment as a useful tool.
  • FAQEngine - Freeware
    A tool to maintain a FAQ database. Features: Data stored in MySQL, Categoriy support, Various display options, Admin interface, Support for multiple languages, Search function, Support for multiple instances in one database, Own header and footer, FAQ rating system, Email FAQ-entry or FAQ-list, Admins can post FAQ-list to newsgroup, Users can write comments on FAQ, Users can post questions to the moderators, minimal knowledge base functionality, attach file to FAQ, and download FAQs for editing offline and the upload them again, or enter new FAQs offline and just upload (editor as java application available for seperate download).
  • phpMyFAQ - Free (MPL)
    phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system based on PHP and MySQL. phpMyFAQ also offers a Content Management-System with a WYSIWYG editor and an image manager, flexible multi-user support, a news-system, user-tracking, language modules, templates, extensive XML-support, PDF-support, a backup-system and an easy to use installation script. Supported languages are currently Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • Simply FAQ
    Simply FAQ - is a fully functional easy to use FAQ program with seach capability, unlimited categories, NO NEED for mysql database only text base and with NO compicated setup just upload it and its done, it uses only one(1) PHP file. How simple to add the content of your FAQ, just open your favorite text editor and start typing in the first line the Question and in the next line the answer and so on, save it with .faq extension and the script will automatically read this, the filename of this file will be the Category name in the FAQ section. To sort which categories to be first, just add a number of the first character of your filename ( ex. 1how_to.faq, 2Others.faq )
  • ODFaq - Freeware
    Manage your FAQ using friendly web-based interface. Some of the features are: multiple & nested categories, show/hide categories & FAQs, HTML support, easy integration into your website, search function, printer friendly view, customized sorting.
  • Glossword - glossary compiler - Free (GPL)
    Glossword is an advanced dictionary management system. Features: installation, wizard; multiple languages support; visual themes; powerful administrative interface with Video Guide; built-in search and cache engines; export/import dictionaries XML format; W3C-validated code. Glossword is very useful for any kind of dictionaries, including sites with game cheat codes, online translators, references and another various kinds of CMS solutions.
  • phpWTF
    the phpWTF project: when you don't know what other's may not know. phpWTF provides a clean interface for a moderated question and answer forum. The html interface is customizable, and with fully w3c compliant output stylesheets can be used without a problem to customize look & feel.
  • FAQ747 - free
    FAQ747 is another FAQ management system. More properly it is a knowledgebase management system. First, just take a look at demo pages at its home site to see if this is a right FAQ management software for your site. Second, give it a try only if it looks good. Otherwise move on to another one. Simple to install. 1 click. That's it.
  • A Free Knowledge Base Software Package by myKnowledgeQuest - Freeware
    This is a free Knowledge Base Software which runs on PHP and MySQL. The knowledge base is easy to use and configure. The software allows authors to create knowledge base articals and administrators to apporve them for public use. End users can search the knowledge base using multpile criteria. Supports many freatures, and is totaly free.
  • kbEditor - $99
    kbEditor is a full-featured professional knowledge base and FAQ management software. Installation will take up only a few seconds and you will start building your own knowledge base system just in a few minutes. Unlimited categories with levels, knowledges with attachments, multiple administrator accounts, knowledge and visitor comment rating, comment posting, attachments, advanced statistics such as popular categories and knowledges, terms and glossary feature, auto-information feature, membership system, private categories for specific member groups are the only a few features from much moreÓ kbEditor will increase your customer satisfaction and reduce support load. Visit for online demo and much moreÓ
  • phptut - Freeware
    PhpTut is a new tutorial system that is designed to allow users add tutorials and to comment on them. With a full admin section, editing and deleting submitted tutorials are a breeze. Tutorials can be on anything, and with 3 different tutorial difficulties, fully functional sorting and searching, you cant go wrong with this script. Easy to edit the template, and users can fully comment on any tutorials that are written. With [img] bbcode on, users can post images along with their tutorials, and you can edit a rules page straight from your admin panel. With a fast and easy install script, you can install phptut in less then 1 minute! Requires PHP and MySQL ---------- Update: PHPTut 1.5 is released and the download link is updated. To see what the differences are go to our site. If you need to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 please check the site as well.
  • PHPfaqtastic - Linkware
    With Faqtastic, you can let your visitors submit questions through your website, and then you can answer them in an admin panel! You are also able to ban ips, require questions to have a questionmark in them, get a email for each question, and much much much more!

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