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  • Ascad FAQ Manager - Free
    Create a high quality professional looking F.A.Q. in minutes. This script, powered by templates for design flexibility, can be set up to incorporate into your current web site's design without any hassles. Features include an easy-to-use yet very advanced admin control panel from which an unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, and questions can be easily added, deleted, and edited, and much more.
  • Quick Reference - Free - GPL
    QRef is a Knowledge Base used to store and organize information. It has both a web and command line interface. Information is searchable by keyword and grouped by category. QRef is written in Perl and entries are stored in MySQL. Features: *Fast keyword based search *Attach files of any format to an entry (e.g. Visio, PDF, Word etc). *Automated backup utilities *Access level control - read-only, read-write per user *Ability for new entries to be reviewed and approved before appearing in the KB. *Minimal Javascript for maximum browser compatiblity. *Fast and powerful CLI *Automated install and upgrade tool *Add entries via Email *Export database to a text file. *Easy install and update tool.
  • Faq-O-Matic - Free
    The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that automates the process of maintaining a FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions list). It allows visitors to your FAQ to take part in keeping it up-to-date. A permission system also makes it useful as a help-desk application, bug-tracking database, or documentation system.
  • FAQ Manager Pro :: Intelligent FAQ solutions for everyone! - $49
    FAQ Manager Pro is comprehensive php FAQ and knowledgebase solution. ItĈs intend to provide complete, customizable and fully-functional FAQ options. Powerful templates management options, including online templates editor. Easy installation and instant work. Built-in filter: full control on questions and answers! WYSIWYG editor. Detailed Statistic and Analysis: Get all the information over customer interests and effectiveness. Customer comments. Articles Rating. Printable Articles. Automatic Related Articles option. Powerful searching and full search history. Multi-Language support. Unlimited number of subcategories. Top XX questions and Last XX questions options. Full administrator log available. Stop talking! Let us show you, check out FREE ONLINE DEMO!
  • Build a FAQ Plus - $35
    Build and manage your FAQ pages with little effort. This is the only FAQ script that can be indexed by search engines, comes with a built in search engine, allows you to create multiple categories, sort categories and questions in any order, use your own templates, receive user feedback, comes with Admin control panel, extensive documentation, printer friendly pages and many more features.
  • HiFAQ
    HiFAQ produces online searchable FAQ/News database on the fly. Designed for use on corporate type sites where appearance is important and the FAQ is developed/maintained by a user with only basic secretarial skills.
  • FAQ Manager by CGI-World.Com - $60.00
    FAQ Manager allows you to easily create and maintain multiple FAQ or support topics on your site. Key features allow your website viewers to browse an easy to navigate, clean and organized Frequently Asked Questions area that also can be searched. Users also have the abilty to choose FAQ groups or individual FAQs they wish to have emailed to their email address and much more.
  • FAQ Publisher - $59.95
    An MySQL-based online FAQ management system. Similar to the one used at eBay Help System. It supports multiple folders and re-sorting.
    HiFAQ Pro is an extended version of the HiFAQ online searchable FAQ/News database system for corporate sites. Multiple contributors can be granted differing access priveleges, allowing contributors to be assigned to help manage the FAQ. A powerful search utility allows swift and precise FAQ searches.
  • SmartFAQ - Free
    SmartFAQ allows you to easily create your sites Frequently Asked Questions pages and add entries to it in the future. It cuts down on the time it takes to add a question to your FAQ from minutes to seconds. Version 3 supports unlimited categories and rearranging of questions. Its no wonder why so many sites have decided to use smartfaq to ease in their faq page creation process.
  • FAQ management - linkware
    Whether you are offering products and services on your website or extensive information about specific topics, news, reports, instructions, descriptions, etc ..... jbFAQ comes to the rescue
  • @FAQ Wizard - $49
    This FAQ management script features: FAQ search engine, Full online administration and easy Q&A editing and adding, built-in upload function for entire FAQ lists, Option to allow visitors questions, Hotline calls, Automatic FAQ success analysis for every Q&A, Automatic usage report via email, Logs visitor's behaviour, and Fully customizable using templates. Compatible with "News Wizard" Mailing List Manager.
  • FAQ Manager (interlogy) - Free
    Frequently Asked Questions is one of the most popular elements of a web site and these pages are being updated frequently. FAQ Manager makes this job easy. Using the password protected admin page, you can add/modify/delete questions and answers. You can also change the order of the questions. FAQ Manager also supports more than one FAQs in your site. The design of the FAQ is highly customizable. Using tags, the script knows where to place the FAQ texts and does not conflict with your design or other elements. The installation should not take more than 5 minutes or your time.
  • FAQ Search - $15.59
    Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your user help assistance. This help desk will allow your users to quickly find answers to their questions. You can administrate it online, adding your own questions and answers. Users can vote on the appropriateness of the reply.
  • FAQSQL - Freeware
    FAQSql allows you to easily set up and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions for your website. FAQSql is a knowledge-based application written in Perl. Its features include: user authentication, add/view faqs, add/edit/delete categories, search capability, search log and more. FAQSql comes with an admin control panel.
  • MyFAQ - $89.95
    This script allows you to build and rebuild Frequently Asked Question pages without having to edit any HTML or upload any pages. All is handled via a set of web based administration forms. Simple to use and extremely fast.
  • FAQmanager - Free
    FAQmanager is FAQmanager is one simple perl script that allow you to easily set up and maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The script can work within your existing HTML layout with no modification and have been written so that you can spend time on your FAQ and not on creating pages and pages of HTML. To add a question you simply add the relevant question and answer to one text file. To add a whole new section you create a new text file and modify the table of contents. All the pages are created on-the-fly and are therefore consistantly up to date.
  • World Wide FAQ Generator - Free/$15
    The World Wide FAQ Generator allows you to maintain a dynamic FAQ list. You can add/edit/delete FAQ's at any time. Your visitors can even submit questions that you can approve. HTML template driven so you can modify the look and feel of your FAQ.
  • Build A FAQ - Free
    Effortlessly build you FAQ and knowledge database. This search engine friendly program allows you to create multiple categories, sort categories and questions in any order and you can use your own templates, even if they use SSI. Comes with Admin control panel, extensive documentation and many more features. Doubles as a web page builder.
  • Creativyst(tm) Glossary - $23.00
    CreativystÖ Glossary is a Perl program that allows you to easily add and maintain a glossary of terms for your visitors. With CreativystÖ Glossary you can: Include illustrations and tables in the text of your definitions. ; Exactly match the style of your glossary to the style of your site; Know which words visitors looked for and did not find; Share your glossary content with other websites; Chain to alternate glossaries when a term is not in yours; Your glossary may be named an alternate by other websites too.

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