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Title Examining Java Servlets in detail
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Category Java » Tips and Tutorials » JSP and Servlets » Introduction to Servlets
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Description This article examines Java Servlets in detail and discusses HttpServlet, ServletConfig and ServletContext classes and issues like Servlet preloading and initialization parameters.


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Scripts Related to - Examining Java Servlets in detail

Script Name

The JSP Files (part 1): Purple Pigs In A Fruitbasket

This is an introductory tutorial on Java Server Pages by devshed. It explains the history and basics of JSP documents, and also illustrates variables, includes and the String object.

Writing Your First JSP

A brief introduction to writing your own first Java Server Pages (JSP). Covers several different editions of "Hello, World!" example. This article is the first excerpt of a full series from the book, Web Development with JavaServer Pages.

An Introduction to Java Servlets

This article describes the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. Also presented are several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.

Replacing Your CGIs with Java Servlets

Servlet's portability makes them a powerful alternative to CGIs. This tutorial describes what Servlets are, What you need to run servelts, How to run them, and includes some basic code that can be used in place of a CGI program.

Servlet Essentials

The author notes "This document explains the concepts of Java Servlets and provides a step-by-step tutorial for writing HTTP Servlets with complete source code for the example Servlets. The tutorial and the other chapters cover all facets of Servlet programming from a simple "Hello World" Servlet to advanced Servlet features like session tracking and Cookies. There are also appendices on compiling and running Servlets. The reader is assumed to have some basic knowledge of HTML and Java programming."

Java Servlets: An Alternative To CGI Scripts

This article describes advantages and disadvantages of Servlets vs CGI, How a Servlet works, and Where a Servlet can be used for.

Java Servlets for JavaScripters

Written primarily for those currently developing on the server in JavaScript, this article explains the basics of working with Java on the server through Sun's Java Servlet API. It includes a brief overview of servlets and their role in server-side software development, and Comparison of JavaScript applications with servlets in a number of crucial areas of program design.

Java Servlets

In this 5-page tutorial, you'll learn how to write, compile, and serve a simple servlet. Also, includes other servlet-related resources.

Using Java Server Pages (JSP)

This is a short introductory article on JavaServer Pages. It talks about the features of JSP, a simple example, and includes some useful JSP related-links.

Professional JSP

This is a sample chapter from the book 'Professional JSP' by Wrox Press. Inarguably the best book to master Java Server Pages.

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