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Environment Variables
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  • Perl Diver - Artistic
    PerlDiver digs into your web server's perl installation and lists installed modules, your server's environment variables, and perl's config info. Also shows the module's pod and version information. Easily add your own categories to PerlDiver.
  • Enviroment Reporter - Free (GPL)
    When you run this script it will report the server enviroment it is running in back to your browser. It will aid in setting up other CGI scripts in which the user is having problems determining server settings.
  • eI (environment Information) - Free (GPL)
    The category of the script is actually simple: To list environment variables. However this script does more than that: Listing environment variables, describing the function of each variable, listing installed perl modules and showing perl information. This is done in a stylish way using the default colors of the popular UBB software. To install: Modify perl path in the script if necessary; Put the script in cgi-bin directory' CHMOD it to 755; Run it! http://URL/info.cgi.
  • ENV Variable Retirver - Free
    A simple program to help with installing scripts on new servers, or any server where you are not sure of the correct paths. Env retrieves all variables and displays them in an easy to read table.
  • E-Vars - Freeware
    Need to find your path to sendmail? Perl version, all available modules, operating system or environmental variables used and returned by your server? This free script will do all that and more. Simply upload, chmod then view all of the above information. Script searches for all sendmail locations.
  • mojoEnv - Free
    mojoEnv is a Perl script to display your Server environmental info and installed modules.
  • Envronmental Variables - Freeware
    This is a simple script to display the environmental variables for the server and client information.
  • Absolute Paths script - Free
    This is a useful script if you don't know the paths on your host. Just install it and run it in your browser. Then it will display the paths.
  • Ace Variables - Free
    Ace Variables is a small Perl script that will enable you to find out info on your server, and maybe even help you debug some of your scripts by giving the Absolute path of your server.
  • Where Is Perl? - Free
    Where Is Perl? is a small utiliy to help Perl devlopers by printing out all the available environment variables on the screen.
  • Environment - Free
    This simple utility allows you to view the environment variables present when a CGI is called on your server.
  • Snoop.cgi - Free
    Snoop.cgi is a little Perl script that receives environmental data from your user and returns that data in html form.
  • Host ENVIRONMENT - Free
    This script will take a look at your environment variables, location of Perl, location of sendmail, and the location of all installed modules and display them in an easy to read table. You need the FILE::RECURSE module installed.
  • test-env.cgi - Free
    This script allows you to display environmental variables such as remote host, browser, operating system, IP address, server name, server software, server protocol, document root path and more.
  • Country Determinator - Free
    This script determines the visitor's country by remote host extension even if your web provider can't determinate remote host name and does not allow to use $ENV{'HOST_NAME'} property.
  • Environment - Free
    This script simply displays the standard set of environment variables, which are used often. Variables include date, time, host, referer, browser, IP address, document requested, language supported and more.
  • Remote Host - Free
    Now you can add a cool yet elegant remote host detection agent to your website. Use it on all your pages, with just one script. Requires SSI.
  • Dumpenvs - Free is a simple script that gives you a list of server-supported environment variables and their values. This can be useful for debugging purposes.
  • CGI Utils - Free
    CGI Utils is an archive of simple CGI sub routines to help you to create CGI. It contains a sub to display CGI's environment variables and Perl Path, a sub routine to log users info and a sub routine to check referer and check for unauthorized access.
  • Who Are You - Free
    This is a simple program that displays environment variables about visitors, their server and your server. It displays information on browser, referer, IP address, hostname, document requested, server name, server software and much more.

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