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  • ASP Mail Component
    ASP Mail Component is ActiveX component designed to allow e-mail sending from Active Server Pages (ASP). With this component installed you can send simple text E-mail message as well as HTML e-mail with attachments and multiple recipients. Other useful features are also supported.
  • ASP WebMail - Free for personal use
    ASPWebMail is a complete web based mail solution for IIS servers, with a licensed ActiveX mail control included. It mimics the mail functionality of Outlook on the web, and is highly configurable. It allows you to check, save, reply and send email from several POP3 mailboxes from anywhere on the web. Highlights: Groups, Attachments, HTML messages, Allow subscriptions, Multiple POP accounts, Strong message encryption, Rightclick context menu, Bandwitdh quota, Inbox filters, DNSBL support, AutoPreview, External link blocking (HTML), Attachment blocking, Auto-forwarding, Disallow SMTP, Supports NT Authentication, Remove attachments. New: User Calendar, Block potentially dangerous tags in html email
  • EmailMover
    A 100% pure classic ASP Email Campaign Manager and autoresponder that runs on your website. Professional features. 15 Custom Fields + 10 standard. Highly customizable. Double opt-in list. Make everything blend 100% with your site. Never pay monthly fees again!
  • JunkMail Filter - GPL (home or business) - GPL
    Free filter (bot filter that is) not only prevents your email from being sold, but makes a spammer's database worthless as well. Easy to understand, easy to install and free.
  • Offer a Newsletter
    Offer your visitors a newsletter with this easy to install freeware code. Allows visitors the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe. Customizable to fit your website's look.
  • Mail You Like ( web based email application )
    Web based email application - will run on your shared hosting account no need to have dedicated server - you can say clone of yahoo mail system almost all features that hotmail provides Mail you like have !
  • Chilkat Email Component
    A powerful POP3 / SMTP email component. Supports attachments, HTML, S/MIME encryption and digital signatures, SMTP authorization, XML import/export, MHTML compliant, filtering, mail merge features, multipart/alternative support, and more.
  • My mail application - $75
    My Mail Application is an ASP Webmail client new application which will make email management and business communications manageable and efficient.
  • AspEcard - 80.00
    AspEcard is a dynamic electronic postcard system that will create interest and drive traffic to your Website. You create your own categories and images or use ours. Your site visitors will love sending the electronic postcards to their friends and associates and their friends and associates will have to come to your Website to pickup their cards.
  • MailBee POP3 - Free Trial / $69
    MailBee POP3 allows you to write e-mail managing and retrieving engine in just a few seconds. It supports secure authentication to POP3 server, partial retrieval of the messages, determining message sizes without downloading message headers, deleting messages, parsing and decoding messages into easy-to-use Message objects.
  • ANSMTP SMTP Component Build - $59.95
    ANSMTP Object is a high performance SMTP Component Object which enables your ASP, VB, VBA, VC++, C#, VB.NET or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. It also supports IPv6, CC, BCC, multiple attachments, ESMTP authentication, lookup DNS MX record to send email without specified SMTP server, sending mass emails with smart threading-pool, SSL/TLS, send digital signed and encrypted email.
  • MailBee SMTP Component - 49$
    MailBee SMTP object is an easy to use component for creating and sending e-mail messages. It supports creating both plain-text and html-formatted messages with attachments and inline objects (including automatic alternative body creation, automatic scanning and adding attachments for specified html source and much more). As MailBee POP3, MailBee SMTP also allows you to use secure authentication to SMTP servers. MailBee SMTP object can be extended with external MailBee Message Queue system to enable message queuing that can noticeably improve performance of email sending applications or web pages.
  • ANPOP POP3 Component Build - $59.95
    A high performance POP3 component enables ASP/ VB/ VC++/ C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET or other COM environment applications to retrieve email from mail server based on POP3 protocol and parse email based on MIME. ANPOP Object supports all operations. It also provides advanced features such as retrieve emails in background, capability of unlimited queued request, support IPv6, synchronous or asynchronous mode, SSL/TLS, Secure Password Authentication(SPA).
  • MailBee IMAP4 Component - $69 (shareware)
    MailBee IMAP4 Component enables application developers to quickly add advanced IMAP4 capabilities to their Windows or Web applications. Select and manage mailboxes, retrieve envelopes, body structures, full or partial messages, perform message search (including search for new messages), manage and delete mail in a few lines of code.
  • MailBee Objects - 149$
    MailBee Objects is a set of powerful and easy to use COM objects which will enable your application or web page to reliably and securely send, receive and manage Internet mails via SMTP and POP3 protocols. MailBee Objects provide support for secure authentication, background processing, unsafe html filtering, automatic charset conversions, html-formatted messages handling, multiple attachments, and much more.
  • MailBee SSL plugin - $99
    MailBee SSL is a plugin object which can be easily attached to core MailBee's objects such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4. Once attached, the plugin forces these objects to communicate in SSL/TLS mode. The plugin also supports custom user certificates and stores, server certificate validation, connections over regular port (STARTTLS mode), user specified communication protocols.
  • Merak Mail Server - $99 to $3621
    A high performance Windows-based secure Internet mail server software and GroupWare Server, supporting unlimited users, unlimited domains, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, HTTP, LDAP, ODBC protocols, on-server virus scanning, on-server spam filtering, web mail accounts and much more ...
  • Merak Webmail Server Software - $220
    Merak Webmail Server Software provides secure anytime, anywhere email access, Spam management, Auto-responders, Calendaring, Tasking, Shared Address via any browser
  • I-campaign - online email marketing software - $51.88
    Unilabplus' eMarketing solution: I-campaign is the only Web-based eMarketing solution focused entirely on increasing sales. With our online software you are able to have the following: *Personalized HTML email newsletter. *Send out unlimited amount of emails without any cost. *Click through tracking and open detection.Who open it and who click it. *Multi users, multi groups. *Member management.
  • Email contact form using active server pages and a simple HTML form - Free
    sends a formatted email - makes the data more readable easily add new input fields, just add to HTML form and these will be sent - no code changes required to the ASP code checks all fields are completed, if not then returns to an error.html page on success returns to a thankyou.html page uses four small files

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