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  • send an email
    This shows the basics of sending email using CDONTS
  • Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail Object - Free
    The NewMail object gives you the ability to send a message within an ASP page with only few lines of code. This article will help you to understand different properties and methods of CDONTS.NewMail Object.
  • Emailing Form Results With CDO
    This is a basic code that allows you email form results using CDO on an NT / IIS server.
  • How to send an email with CDOSYS
    Learn how to send an email with CDOSYS, a CDONTs alternative for sending emails with Win2k and WinXP. If you currently use CDONTS for sending email, the time may have come to bury the dead and move on. Microsoft introduced CDONTS with IIS4, allowing programmers to easily send email from ASP without purchasing and installing 3rd-party components. But, like any evolving technology, a new version has taken center stage. CDOSYS is Microsoft's new and improved interface for SMTP email which was introduced in Windows 2000.
  • Retrieve E-Mail from a POP3 Server
    Developers who are new to POP3 as well as seasoned POP3 developers will find this article indispensable. Basic to advanced topics are covered. This article offers tips, tricks and secrets that developers of all levels can benefit from. What you will learn from this brief article will save you weeks or more of learning, research and development. Read this article and have a basic, reliable POP3 application up and running within an hour. Sample code and applications included.
  • Send an email from ASP using CDONTS/Outlook
    Short samples which lets you send an email from ASP or WSH, using several objects (CDONTS.NewMail, CDO.Message, Outlook.Application). You can send an email using IIS SMTP service, remote SMTP server or POP3/IMAP.
  • Server Side Email Addresses Validation
    An article on how to validate user email addresses in no time using a simple VBScript function in ASP.
  • Sending E-Mails with ASP Pages
    This article describes every step you need to know to send E-Mails using ASP pages.
  • An SMTP Service Directory Reader
    The author writes "You know all those email you send using CDO or CDONTS? What happens to the ones that are addressed wrong or if the sender or recipient's address isn't even formatted correctly? This script will let you take a peek at the messages in the mailroot folders. This includes the ones that the SMTP service hasn't delivered yet and even those it's already given up on so you can see what's happening." Source code for the SMTP reader available for download.
  • Creating PGP-Encrypted E-Mails
    PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an encryption program used for secure transmission of files and e-mails. This article describes the concepts of PGP, the installation and configuration of PGP Command Line, and the generation of PGP-encrypted e-mails using ASP.
  • Email Validation
    This code sample demonstrates how to validate an email address using regular expressions. It ensures that an email address is properly syntaxed and ends with a valid TLD (top level domain).
  • Sending an HTML-Formatted Email Sample
    This code sample will show you how to send HTML-formatted email messages. The code is written using CDO for 2000, but there is a CDONTS version as well for those of you still running on NT4.
  • Fighting Email Abuse with ASP
    Here is an interesting article that explains how to help the authorities in tracking down people who cause sites to send unwanted email to others by subscribing them to one's newsletter or applying for site membership.
  • A form for CDONTS, JMail, ASPEmail and ASPMail
    A Step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create a feedback form using different email systems. Supports CDONTS, JMail, ASPEmail and ASPMail, but more can be added.

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