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Title EasyDB
Platform Win NT/2000
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - EasyDB
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Database Tools
Hits 710
Description EasyDB provides an interface to ODBC databases that makes ADODB even easier to use. Includes functions to output SELECT statements as arrays or disconnected recordsets. Also capable of executing INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements against any ODBC database. All features can take advantage of connection persistence to increase performance: instead of opening and closing a connection three times on the page, simply open one connection, run three SQL statements, and close the single connection. Available as either a standard executable or a MSI database.


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Scripts Related to - EasyDB

Script Name

WOW Wizard

Publish your database to the internet or intranet in minutes. WOW Wizard is a Visual Basic Add-In that uses an efficient wizard-style interface to collect information about your database and generate all necessary code to view, sort, update, delete or add new records.

OpenX for MySQL

OpenX serves as a platform for developing multitier enterprise applications that require access to RDBMS locally, across a LAN, Intranets, Extranets or the Internet. OpenX is an application-level database-programming interface that allows enterprise programmers to write applications from any language including C#, C/C++, JScript, Java, Visual Basic, VBScript, and provide connectivity to wide range of databases including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, InterBase, Centura SQLBase, MySQL. OpenX offers a fast way to connect to RDBMS, because it makes direct calls to vendor's native database APIs, thus eliminating need in all possible intermediate layers such as ODBC/OLEDB. It combines a precision and performance of custom solution with a convenience of the RAD tool.

Web Database

Web Database offers a simple and easy solution for creating database-driven applications or web sites. Add an address list, directory or other simple database to your website. Easy and inexpensive way for a small business to post and receive data on the web.

OpenX for Sybase ASE/ASA

OpenX is an application-level database-programming interface that allows enterprise programmers to write applications from a variety of different languages including C#, C/C++, JScript, Java, Visual Basic, VBScript.

ASP TableManager (for SQL)

ASP TableManager is an ASP-based tool for web-based database admin. Its interface is similar to SQL Enterprise manager, and features ability to import table from MS Access 9x/2000 (or just the structure), multiple delete records, structure modification, execute SQL command (will return a table if required) and more.

ASP Data Driven Report

ASP Data Driven Report is an ASP appliation that provides an infrastructure to create and manage various SQL Server stored procedure based reports into HTML output. You can add reports, categorize them in a treeview, edit, delete and manage the report parameters - all through the ASP interface.


ASPDB-Ax is an ASP application for connecting to instantly Design, Search and Edit all your Access and SQL Server databases on the web. Features: A pure HTML/ASP/ADO based solution to ensure 100% Cross Browser Compatibility, Full ADO Paging Support, Instantly Export Data to Excel, Text or XML, Integrated Security, Search using Filters or a Dynamic Query By Form, and much more.


ASP XP is a rich server side HTML control that allows ASP developers to easily create web based database applications. With just a few lines of code, you can create sophisticated highly customisable webforms and webtables in your web application. ASP XP works for web based applications much similar to how Visual Basic 'Forms' work for desktop applications. It's declarative and event-driven. The result is that you can build browser independent web pages with a lot of functionality in just a few lines of code. ASP XP fully supports ActiveX Data Objects (ADO v2.x), the XHTML 1.0 specification and makes use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to allow easy customisation of your application's look & feel across an entire website.

VisualSoft DataManager

VisualSoft DataManager lets you cut through the complexity of large corporate database applications with fast and flexible drill-down capabilities and rich report feature, which facilitates easy storage and retrieval of data. DataManager makes it easier than ever for you to build data-intensive applications. Using DataManager one can build scalable data application which can be developed using flexible interfaces for accessing them.

A Generic Database Web Editor

The author notes "Have you ever needed to administrate a Database and only had a connection string to access it? Well you could implement this script to allow simple database maintainence via the web." The security model of this script is very weak, and you should consider implementing a more secure method.

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