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Title Easy Bandsite
Platform Tested on Linux
Price $5.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Easy Bandsite
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 731
Description LaceFarms, Inc. is proud to present "Easy Bandsite". With this program, your band can have their own website WITHOUT knowing the complicated coding of creating it yourself. In the secure admin area you can add pages, members, audio, video, favorite links, lyrics, show dates, merchandise, and also Upload your own songs, videos, pictures, etc...Each menu can be turned off and on in the preferences....Hosting Available and is set up for mp3 and mpg downloads of up to 6mb...Docs are Written and an installer is there.


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Scripts Related to - Easy Bandsite

Script Name

project eros BBS engine

eros provides extensive content management (sigs, news, poll, forum, link, gfile) as well as permission management with a robust, flexible and secure interface. the administrative functions are completely integrated into the site, so you do not need to go to a specific url to add or edit content. eros relies heavily upon trusted open source technologies such as postgresql, pear and smarty to provide it's functionality. in addition, 'bbcodes' are supported for markup within gfiles, polls, etc--basically anywhere that input is accepted from a browser, which is everywhere. input from a browser is tightly controlled: html tags are stripped and the remaining input is escaped so that the php code is less suseptible to various forms of attack. member passwords are stored as md5 hashes for additional security. use of an ACID-compliant RDBMS gurantees data integrity even in the face of catastrophic failure. this library is intended to be flexible enough to use in a variety of situations: intranet applications, extranet applications, etc. if all you need is brochureware or simply forums, eros is not for you. eros has been in development and production use since august, 2002.

The TT Web Site Manager

The TT Web Site Manager is a general purpose database driven Web site management system written in PHP. It features support for MySQL in the default distribution, with MS SQL server, ODBC and SQLite supported by installing code modules. It allows multiple Web sites to be built and managed entirely on the fly from dynamic content stored in a database. Pages can be assembled in any order from a library of code items which can include a mixture of static HTML, SQL, and PHP. There is no framework of templates or forms to constrain the coder, and there is no limitation on content type, meaning that almost any content can be served. Version 0.4 incorporates many feature upgrades and bug fixes, including better database support module integration, a more streamlined install script, slight tweaks to the admin script interface and compatability testing with the PHP5 beta. Alongside this release come new versions of the ODBC and MS SQL modules, as well as an experimental new module supporting SQLite on PHP5.


RedSite is a CMS (Content Managment System), designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. RedSite supports a number a features, even in it's first release. The base feature list is as follows: Template Files, Categories (Directories), Pages, Custom Tags, User Managment, User Groups, and a Plugin Managment System.

MARS s.ite t.emplating s.ystem

The mars site templating system is a simple, easy-to-use, and fully skinnable single-admin content-management system (CMS) featuring user-selectable stylesheets, designed for ease of use and wide applicability for the casual to professional web author. No database needed. Very little knowledge of HTML is required. Uses cookies to store user's skin selection.

Katikai Download System

ACP: Edit templates, add/edit/delete categories, add/edit/delete downloadable files, uploader that does all the work for you, compression (on/off), skin sets, member registration (on/off). Norm: Direct linking protection, comments, rating, no. of downloads, login/logout.

Easy Content Management System! Industry Proven!

This system costed $4,000 to create but we now sell the software for $99.95 to anyone who needs it. With it, you can easily make pages on your website with a click of a button. Additional functionality for file uploading and cataloguing is included. There is also a hit counter included. You can also edit the meta tags for your site. Everything is administratable online with the click of a mouse. It's very easy to change the layout of the site and alter it so it works with any current layout.

Easy Template System (ETS)

ETS is a template system written with PHP. It allows a complete reshuffle of the template with exactly the same data and is extremely valuable when working with database... Itís a powerful tool that will help you efficiently to build documents.

Inventory Lister instantly gives your changing items realtime to customers

complete control with easy admin, adding categories,items,prices,2 versions store which you see,has serial number plus misc field, or a customer version which is minus these two fields. Easy data backup with a click of a mouse, Prints inventory, sold status will show item as sold for 7 days then drop plus more, perfect for a guitar shop or pawn shop where you items always change.

dotWidget for Content

dotWidget is a PHP/MySQL-based content management system ideal for developers to set up small to medium websites for non-technical content managers. Great for sites with a hierarchical structure (like files & folders in a filesystem). In short, it allows you to build your site's structure and add content with no knowledge of HTML. All content management is done through the browser. dotWidget can be dropped into an existing site. dotWidget generates the main & secondary menus, and includes built-in Search and a "Contact Us" form. Search-friendly URLs are dynamically generated throughout. Free for non-profit organizations. More powerful dotWidget CMS product is also available.


CMSimple is a simple content management system for simple maintainance of small commercial or private sites. Simple installation and easy to modify. The entire site is stored in a single HTML-file - there is no need of databases. If you prefer, you may edit your entire site in your favorite HTML-editor, upload the content file and get a dynamic website. The complete content management system is only 50 KB. Integrated WYSIWYG online editor (supports IE on Win and newest version of Mozilla), link validation, image handeling, online editing of system files and automatic backup on logout.

Google Search


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