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Title Ease-ZINE
Platform Unix, Win NT
Price $175
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Ease-ZINE
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 601
Description Ease-ZINE is automated e-zine software. It allows you to receive, edit, create, publish, and archive stories using the web. By default, it is set-up to allow news stories and five customizable columns. Stories can even include a photo.


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Scripts Related to - Ease-ZINE

Script Name

E-Z Site Builder

E-Z Site Builder is a very easy to use, fill in the blanks format, Web Page Creator. E-Z Site Builder is perfect for the novice user to allow them to create their first pages. E-Z Site Builder stores the user pages in a database file. Once the user has filled out all the information and made their first page, when they come back to edit their page all the original information is in the fields on the form, the checkboxes that they checked origionally are checked. This makes it very easy for the novice user to edit their page, or change the look with just a click of the mouse.



This is a very small script with one variable to change. You define the file to flush and the run the script and it will erase everything in that file. This script works good with add2file.


Htmlpp is a pre-processor for HTML documents. Its purpose is to simplify the work of writing and packaging large numbers of HTML documents. It acts like a compiler: you provide an input source text and htmlpp produces the HTML documents from that. This is easier and safer than trying to edit and manage separate HTML documents. You can use htmlpp to easily generate pages, headers, footers, contents, cross-links, etc.

Start Page

Start Page is a friendly web interface which lists your list of things to do, your favorite links, and any little messages that you've written to yourself. It is 100% updatable from the browser, and so it makes a handy start page - you are always reminded of your things to do, you have an alternative to bookmarks (helpful for those using multiple computers and browsers) and you have a free forum where you can just write in anything you need to remember.

Andi's Smart-Insert

Andi's Smart-Insert works like so-called 'footer-scripts' and inserts the content of a text file into a specified place on your html files. This is very good for headers, footers, etc. which appear on multiple pages. You can change them by changing only one file. In addition, it allows you to insert multiple external files in your pages by using only one script. SSI required.

Automatic Page Header

Lets you use one file to generate an html header for every page you want to call the script from. Greatly reduces time and frustration - you can update only one table of contents file and every page on your site immediately is updated.


This pair of programs will automatically add a header and footer to your pages. This means that you can edit one file and have it automatically change in any number of files. Your server must allow SSI calls for this to work.

Site Editer

With Site Editer you can create, edit and view any types of files on your site right from your browser. It comes with password protection feature to prevent unauthorized users from using this script. It will also optionally email you all failed attempts to use this script.

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