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Title EZ Count
Platform Unix, Windows NT
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - EZ Count
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Counters » Image Based
Hits 585
Description EZ Count allows you to have a graphical counter on all your web pages or on just a few. A fast and simple program that consists of one file and is 100% configurable. Requires SSI.


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Scripts Related to - EZ Count

Script Name


mbcount is a Webpage counter program written in Perl. What sets this program apart from other Perl-based counters is that it uses database tables on backend instead of text files. It currently uses a PostgreSQL database, and plans to support MySQL in future versions.

Animated Counter (SSI)

This is a nice animated counter. Each time when a page is reloaded the counter increases the digits "live". There are two versions available: PHP version, and SSI version.

Argala Counter

Argala Counter is a simple graphical counter program that works with SSI(Server Side Include). You only place one SSI tag on your page. If you would like to have your own graphical counter shown on your web pages, you should create 10 numeric graphic GIF files. When a visitor visits your web page, the program updates the count file and displays the count. The program also logs your visitor's access.

The Delorie Counter

Bennie Webdesign Counter Server

Start your own remotely hosted counter service with this highly configurable Perl script. Features include: Unlimited number of counters, Advanced Layout changes for every user by easy interface, Online creation and modification by users of their counter, Choose from 81 different counter styles, E-mail address logging, Automated account confirmation by e-mail, Automated password recovery for users, Easy send e-mail to all member by administration interface, Installation Support, and Script will be delivered on CD-Rom.

CGI 101:

This is a simple sort of "hidden" counter. It is designed to be used in lieu of an image tag, so instead of doing img src="whatever.gif", you might use img src="counter.cgi". The script increments a counter in a file, then returns the gif image. The person visiting your page need never know you have an embedded counter going.

dgmdan's allows you to easily add a powerful and customizable graphical counter to your web pages. Features include: You can use your own graphics, Can be used on mutiple pages, each of which will have it's own counter value, Reload protection (when reload protection is on, each visitor will only be counted once, even if they reload the page), Easy to set up and Does not need SSI. It requires the perl module, Fly.

Basic Graphical Counter

This script is a simple graphical counter. It doesn't require SSI and runs by placing an IMG Tag on your Web page.

BS Image Counter

This is a graphical hit counter written in Perl. You can easily change the counter's digit style, it can block reloads, and will also count for multiple pages. This script does not use SSI, but requires the GD library.

Basic SSI Graphical Counter

This is a simple counter script that displays an image counter on your Web page. It requires Server Side Include (SSI).

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