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Title E-mail Form
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Forms Processors
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Description This script allows your visitors to send you an e-mail by filling in a web page form. After the script sends the e-mail, it redirects to a "thanks" page. The fields provided in the script are: Name, E-mail Address, Subject and Message. It also checks that the form has been submitted from your website, so it can't be used to send e-mails from other websites or if someone accesses the script directly.


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Scripts Related to - E-mail Form

Script Name

HTML Form Manager by CGI World

Looking for an advanced solution to manage and process HTML forms on your website? Form Manager is a do-it-all website tool for retrieving information entered by website visitors. Features include administrator back-end, single as well as multiple page forms, data logging, customized emails sent to both administrator and recipient and more!


The only one Form Mail out there can display "preview" information. This script can handle unlimited Forms and unlimited Fields. Allows webmaster to create and send email autorespond with Text or HTML format. Advance options: alert field cannot be left blank, email invalid, checking field with number or phone number format only. Check out the Form Mail Maker - the powerful script will help you build any complex HTML forms for the Internet using only your browser. Forms can be created and receiving results via the Internet in just minutes.

Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro

PS Form Mail Replication System

CGI script allows you to setup in minutes and users signup to build forms to use for selling products, surveys, or whatever. Easy to use web based interface helps clients build forms even if they don't have a clue about html. They can also add custom autoreply messages, delete forms and build as many forms per account as they wish. Each form has a custom header and footer area for you to display banners and information so its a great way to target BUYERS. Set it up on a secure server and you have about the best banner targeting available! All administration is done through the browser. Shows you how many forms are currently online and how many forms have been executed. Admin panel allows you to broadcast email messages to all users though the web. Also allows you to add a custom email signature to each outgoing message.

Novice Forms Processor

Novice Forms, is a free CGI Forms Processor script, purposed for fast form processing and easy setup.

WebForm Pro

Use WebForm Pro to create and process forms with your website. Complete package includes multiple form handling, dynamic results page, field verification with custom error page, HTML autoresponder, multiple admin notification, and stores user data in a flat file or MySQL database. Use your existing form and database or make use of our comprehensive templates that allow you to quickly create a form, autoresponder, and on-the-fly results page. Very easy to install and all features are optional. - Anti SPAM Form to Email webmaster tool

Easy to use Form to Email script that is designed to keep away SPAM. Your email address is hidden in the script. Can be used to send almost any webform, and if required keeps a log of all emails. The advanced version supports required fields, SMTP, multiple emails and can send your visitor an email. (CGI/Perl Unix)

Ascad Form Processor

Form Processor by Ascad Networks will support all types of fields, including textareas. In addition to this, Form Processor features required fields, email format verification, automated reply capabilities with a customisable message, and much more. An upgrade is available for users requiring more power.


Excellent solution for feedback forms, contact forms, or order forms. Sends email to specified email account/accounts. Written in Perl with the source code clearly commented, you'll be able to freely modify the script. Complete HTML template customization capabilities. Easy to install and customize.


If you stick with the default layout, CGI::ContactForm lets you create an unlimited number of forms with a minimum of effort. There are various methods to customize the form, and with help of templates, the layout is fully customizable. The main file,, is a Perl module. It can be placed either in the ordinary server space for Perl modules, or in a private library. Together with the enclosed example files, you can easily get your form(s) up and running.

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