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Title E-Gold Shop of Digital Goods with INSTANT DELIVERY
Platform Unix
Price 120
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - E-Gold Shop of Digital Goods with INSTANT DELIVERY
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » Shopping Carts
Hits 715
Description We offer you the software - shop of the digital goods with instant delivery not demanding inclusion of complex additional interfaces. This Shop with ability to accept payment for the goods on the electronic payment system E-Gold, new functions in administration of the shop, the amplified safety, recording of all events, and it only the smallest part of innovations. To a script the detailed documentation with screenshots is applied! Also remember, what exactly you can become the owner of the newest shop of the digital goods, thus to earn money for yourselves, instead of to be the agent of another's shop. Some opportunities of shop: On admin panels: 1 Viewing of sellers - viewing of the registered sellers of the given shop; 2 History of the seller - viewing of a financial history of the concrete seller; 3 The information on the seller - the personal information of the seller 4 Mail of the seller - viewing of messages of the seller by internal mail; 5 Delete seller delete concrete seller from shop; 6 To add news - to add news (it is published in section of News); 7 Setup shop - adjustment of parameters of shop; On the panel of the seller: 1 Adjustments - change of the password, viewing of the personal information of the seller, paid allocation by color and a font of a name of the seller; 2 The goods: * To add - to add the new goods in shop; * The list - to see, edit, remove, place in recommended to receive the link of already existing goods; 3 Responses: * Negative - viewing of the left negative responses; * Positive - viewing of the left positive responses; 4 Accounts department: * My account - a conclusion of means from the account of shop on the E-Gold; * The history of translations - to receive a history of financial operations of the seller; 5 Services: * Own shop - to receive a script for creation of shop of the goods; Mail - viewing of messages of internal mail; Opportunities for the buyer: 1 News - viewing of news of shop; 2 Departments: * The digital goods - all possible electronic goods; * The musical goods - the musical goods; * programs- programs for PC; * Search of the goods - search of the necessary goods; * We recommend! - the recommended goods; 3 The best: * Sellers - the list 20 the best sellers; * The goods - the list the most popular goods; 4 Delivery - reception of the bought goods; 5 Registration - registration of the new seller; 6 Forum - a forum of shop, shared; 7 Feedback - feedback with anyone of sellers or admin; And many other things!!!


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