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Title Dynamic, database backed dropdown lists
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description How to build a dynamic dropdown list with ASP and database data. Then, how to use ADO and recordset filtering to produce a structured list.


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Scripts Related to - Dynamic, database backed dropdown lists

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MS Access: Tables, Views and Procedures

Ever wondered how to create a table, view or procedure with MS Access? This article shows us how to create all three and work with them from an ASP script. SQL Reserved Words

It is an often problem with database intergration when you use a reserved word. Often asked why a script does not work and it quite often comes down the the author setting a field name as a reserved word, confusing SQL and making debugging hard. To solve this problem here is a quick list of the SQL Reserved Words.

Convert to Comma-Delimited File

This page demonstrates the capabilities how to write an ASCII comma-delimited file from a SQL statement using ASP.

Wielding the Power of the DataView

When faced with learning a new technology, it's common to try and reproduce the basic functionality you're used to in the old one. In doing that with ADO.NET and trying to reproduce the basics or the recordset object, this article discusses the new and many uses of ADO.NET's DataView object.

ASP and DBF database file connection

Create a connection to DBF files using JetOLEDB provider (DSN-less, ODBC-less connection), basic work with DBF files (select, insert, update), other ISAM formats + FOXPRO option, real sample code, create a new DBF file.

Dynamic Form and Database Driven Marquee

Basically, I had the problem of needing a marquee to scroll important updates but everyone who needed to update it was not HTML savvy. So I made it form based. And the coolest part about it is, you can control the background color, and the text color. That is good when you want different color combinations to have communicate different things. Like, black background and red text could mean urgent and blue background* and yellow text could be Happy Birthday!

Get the ID of the record entered

How do I get the Unique ID or Auto ID of the record I just entered? The solution is really quite simple.

Access and SQL Server DSN-LESS connections

There are a few different ways to connect to an Access database using a DSN-LESS connection. You can use the Access driver, an OLEDB provider connection, a physical path or a virtual path. Here is an example of each as well as a DSN-LESS SQL Server connection.

Populate dropdowns from your database

Dropdowns or combo boxes are an excellent way to get input from a user. One of the biggest problems with user input is spelling and formatting. Here is how to use and populate dropdowns from a database.

Add records with sql statments

Learn how to add records with an SQL statement instead of a Recordset. Here are two examples. One will use a query string and the other gets the info from a form. Both examples include an example of a DSN-LESS connection.

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