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Title Dynamic Picture Frame
Platform Unix, Windows
Price $11
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Website Visit Website of - Dynamic Picture Frame
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Handling » Image Manipulation
Hits 600
Description Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP script which allows you to add a nearly endless variety of picture frames of any size to images on your website.


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Scripts Related to - Dynamic Picture Frame

Script Name

Extensive GD2+ image manipulation class

This class, designed for GD2+ effects numerous transformations on a target image and saves a compressed jpeg version on the server. It can easily handle proportional thumbnails with stacked transformations. Transformations include: bevel - greyscale - ellipse - round_edges - merge - frame - drop_shadow - motion_blur. note: php4.3.2 fubars with imagecopymerge (fixed in 4.3.3rc3) so some transformations may glitch. See link page for more details

Image Slicer

Just call it up with slicer.php image=http://www.yoururl.tld/yourpic.jpg and your on your way! Only works with jpegs! Be sure to check out for updates!


Simple PHP class for creating thumbnails or resizing images.


With this tiny script you can use png images with alphpa transparency without risking that 90% of your visitors don't see the transparent effect. This script detects Internet Explorer on Windows. If true, it will return the microsoft-specific filter to display transparent png images in MSIE. Works with MSIE 5.5+. Other browsers (Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, MSIE Mac!) are capable of displaying pngs with alpha transparency without using strange filters.


Simple but powerful 2D, 3D drawing program. Draw a 2D floorplan, and have it make a 3D .pov povray text script. Make animated .gifs, mpgs. Higher level language for povray. No MySql required! Simple easy to understand GUI. Place starting point for object on screen, select a few parameters and draw a wall, curve, window, door, or any object you create. Objects pluggable with one file.


This library reads the EXIF data embeded in images taken from digital cameras. It reads many more tags than standard PHP and will work without needing to compile PHP with the exif option.


phpAlphaWall is an application that places an alphablended weather app on your desktop wallpaper. It is not clickable, it is simply information placed over your current wallpaper. This is a clone of a kde application called 'karumba weather' which I found on a forum at on and thought looked nice. I personally don't run KDE but still wanted to have a nice weather indicator on my desktop so I whipped this up. This is a rather useful little application of PHP/GD, it can easily be added on to display all sorts of data.

Unsharp Mask for Php

When creating thumbnails in photo editing programs, it is a good idea to apply some kind of sharpening filter. This is also the case for thumbnails created on the server, and this piece of code performs a sharpening principle known as unsharp mask on your truecolor images.


SPCE is a php-script which uses a (.png/.gif/.jpg) image to produce ISO-G code, other CNC-code or HPGL code to programm cnc-machines (milling machines, cutter...) with. You can use any b/w image and feed your machine with the programms output. Every black pixel will be engraved and every white (other) pixel will be left out.

Dacio's Picture of the day

This is a simple picture of the day script that uses a flat file. Photos are changed once a day. Just copy pictures in directory "photos" and run script.

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