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Title Dynamic Effects
Platform IE5.0+, Netscape 6.0+, Mozilla, Opera 7
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Dynamic Effects
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Visual Effects
Hits 830
Description Does your page look static You're one script away from changing this. Even if you do not want too much movement on your page, you can still use this script for adding special roll over effects or some decent presentations. Your texts, images or forms can fly now, they can expand from void or shrink into nothingness.


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Scripts Related to - Dynamic Effects

Script Name

moving pixels

Create a quick light effect, as if tiny stars were moving each time you use mouse.

Page Transformer

The script helps the designer to add some effects to their HTML page. It allows the visitor to drag HTML elements (images, texts, etc) around the screen and the changes can be saved in a cookie. It also allows the designer to easily create special effects such as screen sliding, 'screen savers', etc.

Browser Shake FX

Quite simple but fun script that makes your screen shake madly! Simply change a couple of vars to make it shake faster or slower and over a bigger or smaller radious.

Shadelayer Highlighter

With this small javascript you can easily make it possible to dynamically highlight areas of your webpage to make it easier for visitors to read and interpret (for instance, webpage forms).


colorPick is a web pop-up color picker easy to add to your web pages. It is very small in size only 2.8K so it loads fast over any connection. Displays 234 colors and grays, in 6 palettes of 36 internet safe colors each and a palette of 18 grays. Allows your users to easily pick colors for fields on forms. And better color visualization on the forms.

ED Effects

These codes (both require some knowledge of HTML and colour codes) can create gret 3D effects on the borders of tables and in forums. The codes can be reversed to make a reveresed 3D effect. 3d Module

With this 3dmodule you can rotate images in 3d. There are 2 versions: One module follows the mouse pointer and the other doesnt.

Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler

The Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler combines DHTML and VML with Javascript to allow you to position objects on screen (or you can attach them to events), after which point the object will rotate around it's Y-Axis. Two objects are already premade. You can, of course, create your own. The object demonstrated on this webpage consists of four dots of varying colors, called the orbit object. You will notice that all four dots orbit around a central axis to give the illusion of, bear with me, a planetary system of planets orbiting around the sun.

Text Shadow Shimmer Effect

Add mouse interactivity to text with a shimmering shadow effect that changes angle based on mouse position.

move your body

This script demonstrates how to make any HTML object to move left and right, up and down, with a real tiny code.

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