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  • Olate Download - Free
    Olate Download 3 is a complete rewrite of the immensely popular v2.2 download management system. Written from scratch using a completely object orientated approach, Olate Download allows you to add a downloads area to your website and control every aspect of it through the administration control panel. Add categories and files, then allow your users to download, comment, and rate them with ease, using the 100% open source Olate Download. Main features include full templating system, automated installation with PHP4 and PHP5 support, unlimited files and categories, download mirrors, file uploads, file commenting and rating, search, file agreements and more!
  • mediaIndexer
    mediaIndexer is a compact script which creates a browseable interface for a collection of media files. Media file types are configurable. It supports movies, audio, source code, text files, and images. Metadata for files and directories are stored using a SQLite backend, as well as user comments.
  • Rw::Download Lite
    Free version of the download manager featuring: * Admin CP Template & CSS edit system, * Unlimited Base Categories, * Download counter, * File Info, * File upload, * File linking, * User Upload, * Admin panel, * Multiple User Groups, * Multi Language Support and more!
  • Download Engine
    The Download Engine is a powerful, easy to use script to manage your files. You can store the files in unlimited categories and with different options. Features: template based, automatic download tracker and downloadtime calculator, comments, ratings, top file listing, admin area, member area and many more. You can also allow your registered users to upload files to your server. The administration of all files, style of the script etc. can be done in an admin area. The script supports language files for the user-area, the language of the Admin-Center can be chosen during the installation. It uses a MySQL Database to store the information for the files. It can be used as a standalone version or connected to our other scripts to design your own internet community.
  • Download Center Lite - Free/Commercial
    Download Center Lite enables a website owner to offer file downloads of any file type on the website. The script can be used in two ways. First you can use it, if you want to hide the real path to your download folder on your web server. You can prevent direct access to the download folder. And second you can make sure that your visitors get the
  • snif - simple and nice index file - GPL
    snif (simple and nice index file) is a single php file which creates a nice directory listing of whichever directory you put it in. It currently includes translations for 16 languages, and new ones can be added easily. Snif doesn't need any other files or installation. It features file and directory descriptions, subdirectories, automatic thumbnails, sorting and splitting large directories on multiple pages. Anti-Bloatware!
  • SN Download
    A download system created by smurf. Contains add/edit/delete categories function and add/edit/delete download function. Also in the protected admin area you can add/delete download adders. Easy to edit layout with basic PHP and HTML knowledge plus knowledge of using CSS files.
  • FD Script (File Download Script)
    FD Script is a download manager script. It features traffic logging, hidden URLs, instant 'File Download' dialog and customizable interface. The new version 1.3.2 brings new improved security, more language files and masking using file extension.
  • myphpdownloader - FREE
    Very simple php download center, once installed simply execute this script and it will index the directory of choice, includes download counter, search and anti-leech features. NO DATABASE required.
  • RW::Download
    Full download manager featuring: * Web based install/upgrade, * Template System, * Unlimited Base & Sub Categories, * Download Counter, * File Linking, * File Info Screen, * User File Upload Admin CP, * Moderators, * Multi Language Support, * Free Upgrades, * Admin Review/Rating, * User Comments/Rating, * Leech Protection, * Custom download fields, * Unlimited Mirror Sites, * Email a friend, * Report Broken link, * Search, * Infinite Screenshots, * Email when new download submitted, * Supports external user database, * User CP and more!
  • Downloads' Gallery - GPL
    This script creates downloads' gallery very simply. You only need to upload files in a subfolders of the script and use an admin function to add every file in the directory to database. Every file has got a lot of statistics, such as ratings, filesize, number of downloads, avatar, descriptions and autor. Very useful with music videos, too: in fact you can set autor, background songs and album for the file. Multi-languages support: default language is italian, but we inserted english and french pack. Docs in italian and english. Skin support. The admin panel is very simple and clean.
  • Zenutech Download Manager v1.2 - Free (GPL)
    Zenutech Download Manager allows you to offer downloads from any directory on your server and track those who download files. After submitting a form with their e-mail address users are sent an e-mail with information to download the file they requested. A file can only be downloaded by users who have submitted their e-mail address for that file. Other features include configurable download expiration, plug-in architecture, download counter, and multiple file locations.
  • Downloader
    This script provides a very flexible, secure and easy to use download system in one single file. It can easily be embedded in existing applications as well as being used as standalone script displaying a table of avalible downloads.
  • PHP Downloader
    You ever come across a photo you want downloaded but the right mouse click doesn't work Ever type a URL in your browser wanting to download something, but insted it just opens it temporarly in the browser Kiss those problems goodbye! With PHP Downloader 1.0, you can have your files downloaded in 3 seconds (depending on your internet speed). Just paste the URL into the URL entry, and type the name under the name form. Click submit, and watch as your file downloads. This script will have people returning to your site like crazy everytime they want to download something. Easy install, just upload two files (phpdownloader.php + click_and_download.php). NO configuration needed. Just upload, and hand out the URL to the phpdownloader.php file.)
  • NS Download Mnagaer - Free
    NS Download manager enables you, the user to create and maintain a categorized file management system. It allows users to register, you and registered users can upload files, specify if it is open to the public, or for registered users only. The Admin can assign users to groups, create new groups, manage files, users and send mass emails. Each file can be rated seperately by users and guests. Registred users can add comments as well. Admin can also review comments before being posted as well as files. There are many features and I hope that there will more to come.
  • PHP dManager - Commercial
    PHP dManager (Download Manager) is a very simple, yet powerfull PHP/mysql program that will keep track of all your files for download. It will create a user friendly downloadpage with files organized under categories you have created. On the admin side, you can add files (with comments) that you have in a dir on server, create categories with comments and modify/delete or deactivate downloads or categories. You can aslo change the order of apperance. Chooseable number of downloads per person, download-log with ip,refereer and date, automatic rename of download catalog.
  • Download System - GPL
    This is the ultimate downloading system with all features attached to it! The script includes, complete installer, version checker, error logger, adder, rating system, editor, deleter *puff puff* AND an uninstaller! If I've forgotten something, please don't slap me :). Demo available at the website
  • Anti Leech - GPL (free)
    this script will only allow downloads from your site its stop leeching and hotlinking it also has download speed limit control.
  • Download Count
    A simple script that allows you to keep track of how many downloads you get per file or even exiting traffic from your site, see what links are most popular. Add, remove, edit new links, very simple to set up and use!
  • eLouai's Force Download Script - Freeware
    An easy to use force file download script, especially useful for sites that have large media files and would like people to download the files locally instead of playing them remotely off the web server. Usage: file=filepath

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