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Title Download Statistics System
Platform Unix, Win NT
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Click Tracking
Hits 598
Description DSS is a simple click tracking program to monitor the number of downloads of files on your site. Update: Latest release which eliminates a few minor bugs, contains new features and is a cut down version of DSS v2 which we will be releasing in the near future. Now compatible with PHP 4.3.0.


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Scripts Related to - Download Statistics System

Script Name

IQR ROI Manager

IQR ROI Manager (IRM) is a web metrics tool for anyone interested in measuring online advertising campaign. IRM does more than reporting clickthroughs and pageviews to you, it helps you manage and track your online advertising. Ever wonder if FFA really works With IRM, you can find out realtime which links bring visitor to your site. You can even track which one bring more revenue.


This is a very simple but highly effective clickthrough statistics script using PHP4 and Mysql. It can monitor any clicks for localhost, external links and even downloads. Simple to install and simple to use. This can monitor any link on your site and gives detailed statistics on any date and any link.


ClickTracker is a set of PHP4 scripts for tracking links, download links, subscriptions, sign-ups, banners, and third-party ads, especially ads in emails that you send out, and also ads and links that you have on 3rd party web sites. Using a robust design and a superfast MySQL database, it also provides detailed statistics like browser and system information, date and time of the click, and referring url. You can Add, Delete, Update and Reset links through a simple web interface.

Meliksah's Click Counter

Meliksah's Click Counter is a PHP/MySQL driven link click counter script. It allows you to keep track of the number of clicks on links you specify. Password protected admin page allows you to add new pages, reset counter, view graphical statistics. Supported languages are English and Turkish.


Give LinkWatch a link to keep an eye on and it will. Using MySQL to store its data LinkWatch counts the clicks on the links you specify. Useful for seeing which sites you're sending the most traffic too or just to see what the best links on your site are.

Link Stats

Features: Add Links; Edit existing links' name and url; Delete existing links; Seamless redirection using HTTP's Location header; Easy to read statistics on clicks, broken down by variable number of days - sortable by link ID, link name, total clicks, and average clicks. Grand totals for each day, and all days; and Clear statistics by age in days for all links or individual links.


Backbone is a very simple solution to track user clickthrough activities on your website. It creates a page with a listing of what was clicked on, how many times each item was clicked on, filesize of items clicked, and total transfer size of all the files. It can handle any traffic load but is not recommended to be used for websites with over 1500 links. Backbone works with any web content. You can use it on anything from images to mp3's and flash objects. Include it in all your html code and it will track how much transfer you have used so far and give you a %. It lets you know before going over your monthly transfer limit, which can save you excessive fees or downtime.


tClick is a set of PHP3/4 scripts designed to provide easy to use tracking of click-throughs of specified links on a website. The system's backend is provided by a MySQL database, and support is included for addition, deletion, and viewing of link statistics through a web interface as both individual links and by categories. tClick is designed for people who either don't have access to their site's weblog, or for those who don't want to bother with complex log analysis programs. tClick is licensed under the GNU GPL. <b>0.93b Release</b> This release adds a much improved UI and data import/export to tClick.

Click Counter

This is a PHP script that allows you to keep track of the number of clicks on links you specify. It comes with an admin script, and uses a text file for data handling.


PHPClickLog is a link tracking script with a full featured administration section. Stores the log in a flatfile (text) database. Tracks only the links you want, as edited through the Admin section.

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