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Title Doing Simple DB Abstraction in PHP
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Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-Related
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Description This tutorial explains the need for database abstraction in PHP, and shows how to create your own database API that can be to used with different types of databases. The tutorial uses a PHP PostgreSQL API as an example.


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Scripts Related to - Doing Simple DB Abstraction in PHP

Script Name

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In this Part 2 of the article "Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results," you will be shown a sample code designed to work in most instances (with minor changes).

PHP4 Session Handler using ADODB

PHP4 is packed with good features. One of the most popular is session variables. These are variables that persist throughout a session, as the user moves from page to page. Session variables are great holders of state information and other useful stuff. PHP4's session variables are stored in files by default. However for true scalability, it is better to store this data in a database using a database wrapper library like ADODB. ADODB supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, MSSQL, VFP, Access, ADO.

ODBC Socket Server

This article describes how to make Access and PHP work together using the ODBCSocketServer, an open source socket server, available at This tutorial will take you through configuring your machines and using the socket server.

An Introduction to Database Normalization (part 2)

The author notes, "Last week we introduced you to the basics of creating an efficient database table structure. After today's concluding article of this series you'll be able to create some of your own MySQL-powered applications, or use this syntax as the basis for learning to create normalized databases on your database server of choice."

Data Integrity using MySQL and PHP

This is an overview of relational database concepts, specifically MySQL. It illustrate each of the concepts through simple examples.

Data Integrity Using MySQL and PHP (Part 2)

A continuation of the series, "Data Integrity Using MySQL and PHP," this article discusses the concept of auto_increment fields in MySQL, to cause MySQL to store a unique, incrementing integer in the field of each new row.

Creating Dynamic Next / Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL

This tutorial explains how to program Next / Previous buttons with a dynamic, reusable class using PHP and MySQL or PostGreSQL.

PHPLIB and multiple databases

This 6-page article explains how to create an extension to PHPLIB to work with multiple databases. You may find this article helps you extend PHPLIB in other ways. Read this article to the end and then think about situations where PHPLIB performs 98% of what you want.

Uploading, Saving and Downloading Binary Data in a MySQL Database

This article is aimed at answering one of the most asked questions on the PHP mailing list and discussion forums alike: How to store binary files in a MySQL database. This article is split into three pages: Setting up the database, Creating the 'upload' scripts, and Creating the 'download' script. Includes the complete source code for all the scripts involved.

Are PHP and MySQL the Perfect Couple

Many devs using MySQL have fallen in love with PHP. Jason Gilmore explains why they're the perfect couple. This is ore of an introductory article on PHP and MySQL covering such topics as features of PHP and MySQL, and how to use PHP to interact with MySQL.

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