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Title Displaying XML with XSLT and CSS
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Category XML » Tips and Tutorials » Miscellaneous
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Description This is another simple snippet that shows how to use XSLT and CSS on the client to format your XML data.


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Scripts Related to - Displaying XML with XSLT and CSS

Script Name

Get started with XPath

This tutorial introduces XPath and covers most aspects of it. It is aimed at people who do not know XPath or want a refresher. If you plan to use XSLT, you should take this tutorial first. You will learn: What XPath is, the syntax and semantics of the XPath language, how to use XPath location paths, how to use XPath expressions, how to use XPath functions, and how XPath relates to XSLT. XPath is a W3C standard. This tutorial covers version 1.0.

Filtering Data Islands

This snippet demonstrates uses the "Singles Online" dating application to demonstrate some of most common functionality found in business applications. a) Filtering b) Sorting by column header (ascending or descending) and c) Highlighting the row as the mouse moves over it. As with my other "Redneck Employee" snippet, it uses a behavior .htc file to do the highlighting and column sorting. However, this snippet also demonstrates how to use XML/XSLT to filter the data data island in the page.

Two Tier Data Islands with Expanding/Collapsing Child elements

This snippet how to use XML Data Islands in IE to display XML that stores a parent-child relationship. It also demonstrates how you can expand/collapse child elements for a cleaner display of your data. Written by The Head Geek - Creator of

Cross-Browser display of XML/XSL

This example is very basic, but answers the very common question of "How do I display my XML/XSL in browsers that do not support XML. It is about as simple as it gets....Transform it server-side.

XML DOM: Inserting, Modifying and Deleting elements using VBScript

This snippet demonstrates the all too common functionality of adding, modifying and deleting elements in an xml document. The demo page (see below) displays the xml before and after the actions.

XML DOM: Adding an Child Element and an attribute using VBScript

This sample illustrates an example of adding an attribute to an element and also demonstrates adding a child element.

Using XML and XSLT in VB.NET Jeopardy

This application is a version of the well-known game of jeopardy that we use in our .NET user group. Not only is it fun, but it demonstrates various techiques for processing XML and XSLT in .NET. It is definitely a great reference for learning how to access and transform your XML data in .NET

XML - Editors, Tutorials, Training, Database, XML Tools

One stop for XML, XML editors, XML tutorials, XML formats, define XML, XML Training, XML Databases, XML Tools, XML writers, learn XML, XML spy, XML Schema, Voice XML, XML Parsers.

Thinking XML: XML Topic Maps by the book

Many artists independent of big media concerns seek to collaborate with others and make their work more widely available. They are often willing to offer less restrictive contractual terms than those that consumers have recently been forced to accept. Creative Commons, which Uche Ogbuji introduces in this article, seeks to address this need by providing a way to express copyright license terms that are both human-readable and machine-readable. The machine-readable form uses RDF and thus makes available the network effects that have been covered throughout this column.

Solution Enabler

Solution Enabler is a framework for creating and deploying solutions locally or to remote machines with different operating systems. The framework helps to simplify the creation and deployment of software solutions by capturing detailed knowledge of a solution package deployed through a common installer.

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