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Title Dirlist
Platform n/a
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
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Description Dirlist is a directory viewer simaller to the standered layout on apache servers . Features include, only file to upload, sort by name last modified or size, Title/Thumbnail (using the GD Library) or Detail or Title and Detail displays, fine file in current directory and some info about the current list of files. This script will not list sub-directories.


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Scripts Related to - Dirlist

Script Name

File Manager extension for htmlEditbox

Advanced file browser with standard functions like create, upload, edit and delete file or directory, editing is passed into htmlEditbox editor. All session based security, advanced settings and translations are inherited from htmlEditbox. File Manager itself is only one but very powerful file. There is no installation necessary, just upload and run Equipped with SAFE MODE check preventing from upload errors and inaccessible directories. There are many neat features. Holders of unlimited multi-license on htmlEditbox can easily re-brand this file browser and provide to their clients.

Huggy's file manager

FileMgr is a PHP-based file manager that supports multiple file operations including copy, move, touch, delete, and chmod. On a single-file level it supports upload, mkdir, rename, delete, touch, chmod, and will let you change the timestamp on files. It gives information including the date/time last accessed/modified, owner, group, and permissions. Two directory display modes are supported. One called "full" shows the entire directory tree at once to minimize the number of server interactions; the other called "dig" lets you dig into large directory structures one level at a time. FileMgr is fairly easy to use, configuration consists of modifying about a dozen lines at the start of the program, all the source code is there in one file to see and modify, and the whole thing is only 38kb in size when unpacked.

WebCommander by JPEXS

WebCommander is great web interface for managing files on your website online. It's style remainds popular WinCommander. In fact, it is one PHP file, which can completely manage your files on the web.

WEBInsta÷ FM manager

Webinsta File manager is a file manager which allows you to manage files on you server using a clean and easy to use admin interface. <BR>It supports all the standard features like creation of file and directories , renaming , editing , deletion , upload . Also has enhanced much asked for fetures like multiple cut , copy , paste , multiple chmod , image preview and zoom . <BR>Its provides a combination of features , clean GUI and size which is hard to beat . <BR><BR> - The various features are : <BR> <BR>Very simple installation <BR>multiple Upload, copy, cut, delete options <BR>Chmod ( only if the server is configured for this action) . <BR>Image preview and zoom <BR>Edit files in plain text. <BR>View files.<BR> <BR> - introduction to WEBinsta FM Manager <BR><BR> Webinsta÷ FM manager was built as a very simple solution to have some control over excisting webspace.. <BR> It was built because we wanted to provide a simple, powerful, reliable file manager for the people who want these facilites but do not have the technical knowledge of handling the bigger and complex versions of such managers. <BR> Very easy to install and to handle. Everything is almost self explaining <BR> <BR> - System Requirements <BR> WEBinsta FM Manager does not require any high end requirements but the following things are required . <BR><BR> PHP > 4.2 . A Mozilla or IE compatable browser.

IZI Filemanager

IZI Filemanager is a very extensive filemanager. Its functionality includes: - Templates (skins) - Slick design =] - browse through directories (duh) - create new folders - upload files - rename files/folders - delete files/folders - download files - download complete folders - view textfiles - view images - stream / preview audio files and movies - show hexdump of files - easy config file and setup-checks with information. - No Database


webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager that is useful for applying changes to a Web account quickly and without FTP access. It can show, create, delete, and move files and directories, copy, edit and upload files, help to manage htaccess and htpasswd, and change permissions of files and folders. webadmin.php only consists of one file, and has multi-language support.

MyWebFTP Free

Beyond a firewall or proxy blocking FTP access This product is for you! It provides FTP client interface in your browser. Install it on a remote server and easily connect to your FTP servers through a firewall or a proxy not allowing FTP connections. No PHP built-in FTP support is required. Perform actions on many files at once. Password protected from casual surfers wasting your bandwidth. Nice look and feel is easy customizable.

Invision Power File Manager

Invision Power File Manager (IPFM) is a comprehensive File Manager built from scratch. Features: Easy to install; Customize File Associations; File Editor; Multi user support; Language Pack Support; Online File Archiver; MySQL Manager; Apache password protection; Fully "skinnable"; Supports all the common File & Folder operations; Recursive delete for folders; Source Code Viewer; Generates a pie chart showing Space Used/Free. A demo can be seen at The next version is currently in development and offers many new and improved features, a demo can be seen at we hope to have it released soon


phpXplorer is a free php explorer / file manager programm which allows you to create and edit files on your webserver with a common browser. You are able to control access to the shared file system for multiple users in a detailed way. You can easily integrate your own editing dialogs for a certain filetype or a group of filetypes. It it extensible an supports other free programs for editing html or creating compressed files.


Web based file manager. Features: Upload Single or Multiple Files (max 5); Rename Files; Copy Files; Delete Files; Column Sorting; File/Dir Search; Support of locale language now available (currently supporting English-US and German). Now available multi-child subdirectories creation with option to limit. Export/Import function using tar and gzip. Isn't suppose to be a Full FTP program but rather a user friendly file manager for end users.

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