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Title Directory lister
Platform Unix
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Directory lister
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Utilities
Hits 577
Description Displays a hyperlinked list of all the files contained in a specified folder. Very simple to set up, only requires you to change one line.


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Scripts Related to - Directory lister

Script Name


PHPCompressor is a simple PHP class that can compress and decompress data without using any additional libraries. Based on Huffman algorithm.

Convert MS-Word to html on the fly

This is a short PHP script that converts MS-Word docs on the fly (and caches) using wvWare. This script will create all .html, .png, etc. files in the wordconv subdirectory. The .html files will not be deleted after serving. The created html files are reconverted when the modification time on the .doc file is newer than the .html file. If the .html file is already present, it is served up directly (i.e. cached) without reconversion. Requires: wvWare available at Read the comments in the source file for more info.


Displays the most recently modified files in the directory of your choosing, and displays it in a nice box you can include it anywhere on your website. It displays the rank, file name (with a link to the file), and date it was last modified. You can also limit how many files to display. Now allows you to limit file extensions (types) to include.

directory indexer

Directory indexer allows you to display a sorted listing of subdirectories and files within a directory. File sizes and last-modified timestamps are provided for all files, which are sorted alphabetically first according to extension and then by filename. You can easily specify subdirectories and files to exclude from the listing. The latest update: rewritten as a PHP class. Using the indexer is as easy as including the class file, creating an instance, and invoking the indexing methods. Index multiple directories on the same page. Also new : breadcrumbs (can be switched off). Demo files included in zip.


Ziplib is a class to create, extract and handle ZIP archives. With this lib, you can create on-the-fly ZIP archives with dynamical contents and send them to the client. It actually supports automatic sub/folders creation and extracting by index. Archives created with Ziplib can be read by all archive utilities, without file corruption. It's small (10 Kb), easy and fast to use. Full documentation and exemples are given.

Save-As Text

Save-As Text will allow your visitors to save designated portions of your web pages as a text file. Save-As Text will automatically strip the designated area of any image or other HTML markup and convert it into a text-only file. This script is easy to setup and requires no modification.

Random file generator

If you need a random garbage file for any purpose, this code will help you to get one. You can choose the filename and the size (between 1KB and 9999 KB). The generated files are good to be used for connection speed test, etc.

HTML2Doc Converter

A tool that converts HTML files into Word Document. Requires Office 2000 installed.

Filename Case Changer

Type in a folder path and the Filename Case Changer will allow you to convert the filename case of all the files in the root folder as well as in the sub folders into lowercase. Tested in Windows. More research is underway on other platforms as well.

Count number of lines in every file within a directory

This is a code snippet that will count the number of lines in every file within a speicified directory.

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