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  • Content Variables
    This is a simple one page example of how to display all Server, Application and Session variables. Also shows how to add & delete Session and Application variables programatically.
  • Bullschmidt Dependent Listboxes - Freeware
    You can use dependent listboxes for example to let a user choose a rep in a reps listbox and then have only the customers for that rep be shown in the customers listbox.
  • 5.1 Surround Sound on the Web - Free
    Tutorial: Determine if a client and user agent meet the requirements to deliver full 5.1 surround sound to your web visitor. Topics covered include client machines, user agents, media players, http headers and MIME types.
  • Bullschmidt ASP Developer Tips
    ASP Web developer tips and guidelines including such things as included files, database passwords, post-back pages, flushing the buffer...
  • Some Nifty Functions for Passing Variables Around
    Here are a set of very useful functions that allows you to pass variables around via forms, querystrings, and/or cookies. Source code available for download. More free help at
  • ASP: Basics of Looping and Decision Structures
    In this article we will look at the different looping structures available in classic ASP using VBscript. VBscript supports five looping and Decision Structures: If/Then/Else, For/Next, Select/Case, Do/Loop, While/Wend.
  • Maximize Your ASP Performance
    Active Server Pages give great performance, but you can make them even faster with a few tweaks to your code and database connections. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to refine your scripts and ASP features for maximum speed.
  • Creating Parent-Child Relationships
    This tutorial explains how to do recursive subroutines in ASP (VBScript). Use this algorithm to create threaded discussions, directories, or whatever use you have for it.
  • Using The Split() Function
    Often times it is necessary to take a string and dice it up in order to extract portions to be used for some obscure purpose. Enter the Split() function. Split is a very easy concept to grasp. Decide where you want to split your string and away you go.
  • Left() Mid() Right()
    There will come a time when you need to dice up a string which is all one word or a number. In this particular case, Split() won't work for you. This page explains how Left() Mid() and Right() work.
  • Arrays in plain English
    There are many ways to use arrays. This page shows a couple of quick examples for using arrays in ASP.
  • The Len() Function
    Overview and a quick example of the Len() function that calculates the LENGTH of a string.
  • Select Case Example
    Many times we need to perform an action or display something different based on some different parameters. Using select case is one such way to do this.
  • Query String Example
    A short tip on passing info between pages via a query string.
  • If ElseIf End If Example - Free
    Many times we need to perform an action or display something different based on some different parameters. Using If ElseIf End If is one such way to do this.
  • Math functions - Free
    Usage of the following math functions are shown: Abs(), Atn(), Cos(), Exp(), Fix(), Hex(), Int(), Log(), Oct(), Round(), Sgn(), Sin(), Sqr(), Tan().
  • Compare strings
    Self explaining sort scripts to show how to compare strings: Basics, Compare two strings for similarity, Find position of a substrings within a string, Is a substrings within a string?, Find position of a substrings within a string after skipping part of the string.
  • Manipulation of strings
    Self explaining sort scripts to show how to manipulate strings. InStr(), LCase(), Left(), Len(), LenB(), LTring(), Mid(), Replace(), Right(), RTrim(), Space (), String(), StrReverse(), Trim() and UCase() commands.
  • Show user variables
    An ASP-page has access to variables that contain information about the webserver and the clientcomputer. Using the Request.ServerVariables statement, you can get a list of all available server variables on screen.
  • If...Then...Else / For...Next Instructions
    A short tutorial on the If....Then...Else instructions sequence in ASP that is very similar to the one in different kind of scripting languages.

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