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  • Cut & Paste: Strings
    A set of code snippets that show how to manipulate strings in Perl. Includes Uppercase/lowercase coversion, Concatenate, Capitalize, Trim Leading and/or Trailing Space.
  • Cut & Paste: Lists & Arrays
    Various Cut & Paste functions showing how to operate Lists & Arrays in Perl. Functions include: Sort Lists, Reverse Lists, Add to List, Split Lists, Multiple Assignments, Return specific item from a list, Return the last item from a list, Return the last item's index from a list, Number of the items in a list. Return every item from the list, Display Lists, and Passing between functions.
  • Cut & Paste: Numbers
    Code snippets that demonstrate how to operate numbers in Perl. Covers Round Long Decimals, Add Commas To a Number, and Get a Random Number.
  • Cut & Paste: Associative Arrays
    A set of Cut & Paste functions to operate Associative Arrays in Perl.
  • Cut & Paste: Scalar Variables
    Here you will find several built-in mathematical functions that demonstrate how scalar variables operate in Perl.
  • Genetic algorithms applied with Perl
    Based on the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest, genetic programming uses mutation and replication to produce algorithms for creating ever-improving computer programs. In this column, you'll get to know the genetic algorithm in simple terms. This article provides Perl implementations for some specific tasks, which you can adapt for generic use. To demonstrate the genetic algorithm, the author breeds numbers for fitness to a formula, and letters to form English words.
  • The elegance of JAPH: Just Another Perl Hacker
    A mainstay of the Perl culture, JAPH is a short script that produces the output "Just another Perl hacker." Although written for the beginner or intermediate Perl programmer, this article examines a few simple examples of the JAPH genre that will surprise and engage even the most seasoned devotee.
  • Using CGI::Application
    The author writes "CGI::Application builds upon the bedrock of CGI, adding a structure for writing truly reusable Web-applications. CGI::Application takes what works about CGI and simply provides a structure to negate some of the more onerous programming techniques that have cast an unfavorable light upon it. CGI::Application code is so universal and non-proprietary that it works exceedingly well on any operating system and Web server that supports Perl and CGI. The CGI::Application structure makes it possible for authors to distribute, for the first time, fully functional and sophisticated Web-applications via CPAN.
  • Benchmarking Perl
    In this Part 21 of "The Perl You Need To Know" series, it covers the Benchmark module the handy Perl stopwatch that allows you to time, optimize, and slim down on code.
  • Basics
    Tired of writing Perl code to parse form data? Take a leaf from the book of the experts and let do all the work for you. This article introduces you to's powerful page construction and form parsing capabilities, with simple examples of how you can use it to simplify your Perl development.
  • Untangling Lists and Hashes
    In this Part 10 of "The Perl You Need to Know" series, you will be shown how to work with Perl's list and hash data structures.
  • Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl
    This is a comprehensive tutorial on object-oriented programming in Perl. Some of main topics include: Creating a Class, Class Data, Aggregation, Metaclassical Tools, and more.
  • Perl 101 (Part 5) - Sub-Zero Code
    This Part 5 of the Perl 101 series introduces you to subroutines and teaches you how to structure your code for maximum reusability. Also included: return values, my() and local() constructs, and a marriage proposal.
  • Common Beginners Mistakes - Free
    This is a list of common mistakes that people make when writing Perl scripts and suggestions on how to fix them. Included are general help tips on how to debug - very important particularly for beginners at programming. This list is based on the author's personal experience and complaints found on newsgroups/message boards.
  • Common Server Errors and Messages - Free
    Find out what those server response codes like 401, 404, 500 mean. It can help you troubleshoot minor problems - knowing these are a must if you'll be working on programs that run on a server.
  • Debugging CGI Scripts 101 - Free
    These are a few guidelines to help you solving problems with your CGI Script. Topics include: Short overview of the CGI calling process, Server Errors - The server fails to execute the CGI, Logical Errors (Errors in the program flow), and more.
  • Configuring CGI Scripts
    This tutorial tackles one of the most common newbie questions, how to install your regular joe CGI Script.
  • Debugging CGI Scripts - Free
    Hints and tips on debugging Perl CGI scripts and identifying some possible causes of server errors.
  • User Info - doc
    This note describes how to get information about a remote user from within a CGI-bin script, and lists the information available.
  • CGI Environmental Variables - Free
    One of the methods that the web server uses to pass information to a cgi script is through environmental variables. These are created and assigned appropriate values within the environment that the server spawns for the cgi script. This page highlights some of the most commonly used ones, along with a brief description and notes on possible uses for them.

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