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  • System Color Palette
    System Color Palette is an interactive palette containing the CSS3 System colors. Clicking on the color entries in the palette will send the color's name to the text field, where it can be copied and pasted directly into your style sheet.
  • Meta Tag Generator written in JavaScript
    The V32 Meta tag generator brought to you by Generates meta tags for the title, Description, and Keywords to be used in any web page. A simple yet usefull JavaScript that you can use every time you write a webpage.
  • 404 Referrer - Free (GPL)
    Do you get lots of 404 "file not found" errors every time you change a file's name? Use this simple script to include in a HTML form (a hidden field) that contains the referring page's address. It's easy to correct bad links!
  • jsDebugWin - Freeware
    A simple and light, yet powerful javascript utility that allows you to print debug statements, view and modify page variables as well as execute functions and dynamically create functions that has access to the running browser state. Features 1. Real time DHTML/DOM manipulation 2. Dynamic function prototyping 3. Debug console 4. Javascript command history 5. Debug helper features (onerror, timers)
  • Browser Sniffer Class - Free (Restricted License)
    Lightweight JavaScript browser sniffer/detector class that gives information about browser type and version
  • Save Link Method - Free (Restricted License)
    Generic JavaScript method that allows the user to save a link to a page. If the browser is Internet Explorer, a bookmark is saved. If the browser is in the Gecko family, a tab is added to the sidebar.
  • Meta Tag Generator - Freeware
    Want to increase your search popularity? ADD META TAGS! Some search engines depend on meta tags, so why not tag advantage of this meta tag generator and also let your visitors create meta tags by entering a simple form? Download Today!
  • html spy
    this code parser gives you the whole document structure in a popup [xhtml strict]
  • Tito Web Studio - 240
    Tito Web Studio is a feature rich and extremely effective JavaScript Debugger and JavaScript Profiler. This enterprise grade software will help QA analysts and web developers debug and profile JavaScript related web projects. Tito Web Studio's JavaScript profiler is the first in the market. It assists developers profile untested code to locate performance bugs. It supports triggers to control workflow and records snapshots to determine performance bottlenecks. Performance snapshots are displayed in spreadsheet style with various lengths of colored bars to visually indicate time spent on code execution. Unlike Microsoft Script Debugger, Tito Web Studio's debugger is a stable JavaScript Debugger, capable of handling complex, lengthy code efficiently. Tito Web Studio supports classic debug operations, such as breakpoint, stack, variable, and watch features. Tito's debugger provides detailed expression evaluation through the ToolTip feature and also supports viewing of cached XML documents that use XSLT.
  • X11 (Named Colors) Palette
    X11 Colors are named CSS color constants. They are supported by all modern browsers. Clicking on the color entries in the online palette will send the color's name and its corresponding RGB hexadecimal value to the text fields, where it can then be copied and pasted directly into your style sheet.
  • tag displayer
    this program displays short informations about tags you roll over; [xhtml strict]
  • Get Current Style Method - Free
    Cross-platform JavaScript method for retrieving style information set in either a CSS style sheet, a style block, or inline
  • Register Event Class - Free (Restricted License)
    JavaScript Class that allows for generic setting and removing of event listeners
  • JSPackaging - Free (GPL, LGPL, MPL 1.1)
    Tired of unordered, unclear and overlapping JavaScript files, or just looking for an easy way to separate your JavaScript from your (X)HTML? So was I, hence the creation of JSPackaging. Through the use of 3 components (JSPackage, JSImport and JSLoad) JSPackaging provides JavaScript developers with Well-defined Data & Functionality Encapsulation, clear Dependency Definition, and Simplified External Script loading. In short, it brings Java's packaging structure to JavaScript, providing a simple and effective means of encapsulating scripts' functionality. With JSPackaging well ordered packages of JavaScripts can be easily created and imported into other JavaScript with minimal development effort.
  • Stunnix JavaScript Obfuscator - $279
    Stunnix JS-Obfus protects your JavaScript code from potential analyzing/studying/reworking by unwanted parties. It's both an obfuscator (mangler/cruncher/scrambler) and encoder for the JavaScript source code, with advanced support for ensuring licensing conditions (script expiration, binding script to a set of servers, generic checks and actions). It converts the JavaScript/JScript source files into highly mangled and obfuscated form, making it extremely difficult to study, analyse, reuse, and re-work for competitors or customers, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code, and then encodes it afterwards, making it completely unreadable. There are a lot of options to control all aspects of code hiding, and full support for all syntax constructs. Both client-side and server-side code can be protected, in raw .js files, in .asp or .html files. It is designed to be multi-module aware. Comes with advanced cross-platform browser-based user interface that allows to protect even huge and complex projects in a several clicks of mouse. Utility for extraction symbols from ActiveX components included.
  • Safe Compress - $27.00
    Tool for compressing JavaScript source code. Eliminates comments, white spaces, line feeds, and other unnecessary characters, making your JavaScript source code substantially smaller so that it can be downloaded faster. Also provides lightweight obfuscation. Safe Compress is guaranteed to compress all JavaScript source code, without breaking your program.
  • E-mail Obfuscator - Free
    E-mail Obfuscator is an online tool for webmasters that obfuscates e-mail addresses that you enter, making them less vulnerable to spammers who use e-mail harvesting software, also called spam-bots.
  • HTML Form Element Manager - Free
    Have you ever pulled your hair writing java-script for setting and resetting elements in an HTML form with a hierarchy of form elements? Here is an easy way to handle all that. Visit and click on 'Products'.
  • DocWriter - Freeware
    Use this online tool to automatically convert HTML into JavaScript document.write code. Useful for simulating server-side includes where SSI is not available and for including conditional HTML into script.
  • MemTronic's HTML/JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor - Freeware
    What it is good for:<br> ================<br> The HTML/JavaScript Cruncher (also known as squeezing):<br> Removes whitespace and comments in ALL your JavaScript-Blocks, Style-Sheet-Blocks, HTML-Blocks.<br> This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 20% - 50%. (Depends on use of comments and style)<br> The entire file will work like any uncrunched file. (Search-Engines and users still can parse the code)<br> The HTML/JavaScript Compressor:<br> Compresses the entire file with a REAL compression-scheme! (Auto-DeCompression added to file)<br> (detects: pure JavaScript, pure HTML/CSS or HTML/CSS mixed with JavaScript).<br> This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 40% - 90%. (NO joke! ...seriously tested)<br> Besides the META-Tags (which are always kept untouched) the file is NO LONGER PARSEABLE by any Search-Engine or user! <br>(Compressing .js files is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA! ...hehe)<br> The HTML/JavaScript Obfuscator (not finished yet):<br> Obfuscates (scrambles) all JavaScript-Code so that it is no longer readable by human beings.<br> This results in additionally reduced size (short replace) or absolutely hard to read code (long replace)<br> The entire file will work like any unobfuscated file.<br> (Search-Engines still can parse the HTML-code BUT NO ONE can simply STEAL YOUR CODE! ...hehe)<br>

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