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  • Herong's Notes on JSP - Free
    This book is a collection of notes and tutorial codes I wrote while I was leaning JSP (JavaServer Pages). Topics include Tomcat server, JSP, XML view, JavaBean, Cookies, Response headers, JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Libraries), and custom tags.
  • Configuring Slide with Catalina
    This article tells about the 2 architectures that we can use to build applications with Servlets and JSP.
  • Take control of your JSP pages with custom tags
    This article shows you how to customize JSP tags to get even more out of JSP technology. Its detailed techniques explain how you can add more complex logic to your JSPs, take firmer control of data display, and share data among tags. All without having to teach your front-end Web developers how to write Java code.
  • Best Practice with Expresso Framework
    Why invent the wheel every time you develop an application in Java? Writing a J2EE web application is complicated enough; you would not write a linked list module in C++ every time you started a new project. You would rather use another person's implementation. The same reuse-idea surely applies to server-side web development. This article looks at the best practices of using one popular web application toolkit, Expresso Framework. The idea of using custom tags, JSP, and the MVC paradigm are suitable for such frameworks. It will illustrate the best of practice through an on-line stock trading program example.
  • Building your first JSP custom Tag
    Tags are reusable code libraries and allow easier separation of HTML and Java code. This tutorial first introduces JSP custom tags and then moves forward to build a simple JSP tag. Every step has been explained in detail. Online demo available.
  • Introducing Scripting Variables in JSP Tags.
    This tutorial is second in a series of tutorials about JSP tags. In this tutorial we will learn what are scripting variables in JSP tags and how to make use of them. Online demo available.
  • Exception Handling in JSP Pages
    An article on exception handling in JSP pages. Describes how to catch exceptional events and display a useful message to the user. Online demo available.
  • Examining Java Server Pages in detail
    This article discusses the anatomy of a JSP page. Discusses all the directives, scripting elements, actions and JSP tags which form part of the JSP page. This article provides good foundation for studying advanced JSP topics.
  • Filtering tricks for your Tomcat
    One of the most exciting features of the new Java Servlet 2.3 specification is filtering. At first sight, Servlet 2.3 filtering is deceptively similar to existing legacy filters in Apache, IIS, Netscape Web servers and others. In reality, Servlet 2.3 filtering is a completely different design architecturally -- leveraging the object-oriented nature of the Java platform to provide a new level of performance. This article introduces you to filtering in Tomcat 4 and shows you how to make productive use of filters in your projects.
  • Combining Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans
    This is a complete chapter : 'Combining Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans' from Wrox Press book "Professional JSP 2nd Edition". It introduces Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and describes combining JSP, Servlets and Java Beans using it.

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