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Title DeskPay
Platform Linux, etc
Price 250
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » Credit Card Processing
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Description DeskPay is a system where customers buy digital credits to spend at different users sites or to send to anyone with an email address. Features include: Extensive Admin Panel, Sellers Tools including BuyNow buttons, Donation buttons and Subscription system,Multi-Tier Referral system, Template Driven site makes it easy to make it your own, site news system, newsletter system, mailing list system, Escrow system, secure backup / restore system...


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Script Name


This function accepts a credit card number and, optionally, a code for a credit card name and an expiration date. If a Name code is specified, the number is checked against card-specific criteria, then validated with the Luhn Mod 10 formula. Otherwise it is only checked against the formula. Supported credit cards include Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Switch, Delta and EnRoute.


A PHP Class with functions for submitting requests and decoding responses with SurePays merchant gateway service. Current version supports: Standard Credit Card and TeleCheck requests: Surepay request DTD v1.0 --> pp.request, pp.auth, pp.address, pp.ordertext,, pp.telecheck, pp.identification, pp.lineitem, pp.option.

Linklok for

Allows secure access to your full download file(s) (eGoods) after successful transaction on Uses their md5 secure word feature. Download links do not show location of file on server and can be set to expire after several minutes, days or years if required. Supports unlimited products and multiple downloads per order. Linklok is very secure as there is no way to bypass Versions available for other payment processors as well.


This powerful set of PHP classes enables easy integration into any Authorizenet API gateway. It supports all of the new Authorizenet security features including AIM, SIM, md5 Hash, and Fingerprinting. Package includes built in Form objects with auto validation. Sample scripts allow you to be up and running in no time. verisign integration scripts with phpauction

Our company Evirtualworld has developed scripts with the leading payment gateway systems authorize and verisign. They are $40 a piece and we provide limited support for installation

Build Paypal - Stormpay Type Biz Site.

How would you like to own your very own payment processing website and business built with security minded programming R-pay Script is a program that is very much like and R-pay Script has every function that and have, and is designed to make its owner money. R-pay is fully automated when installed on your website leaving you with very little work to do.The dynamic website script has been programmed to do most everything automatically.

PHP LinkPoint

PHP LinkPoint gives you the ability to easily process transactions through the linkpoint(card services international) gateway without customers leaving your website. Our product bypasses the secure linkpoint order form and includes a sample order form to get you up and running in minutes. - Easy Integration - Toll-Free Support - Support Recurring Transactions - Billing Information - Shipping Information - Supports fullpay,payplus, and payonly transactions.


<i><b><font color="#003366" size="+1">Used in over 30 sites!</font></b></i>If you have a website selling <i><b><font color="#003366" size="+1">"digital wares" (eg. ebooks, mp3s, software, any downloads or memberships to your "members area")</font></b></i> and use as your payment gateway *instant2c* IS for you. Its the most secure solution (including MD5) packed with features, optimised for speed and will sit with any layout via templates. <i><b><font color="#003366" size="+1">*FREE demo's*</font></b></i> are available on the site.Free updates, free support,easy to use...what are you waiting for

The Price Negotiator PHP Software

The Price Negotiator supports payments through PayPal, StormPay, 2Checkout. If you want to test your products pricing structure or just give your customers the opportunity to negotiate. Price Negotiator is the script you want. Also tracks vital sales information and statistics.

inProcess - Gateway Interface for Integration using XML

This PHP function is designed to decrease the time required to integrate the gateway to your existing solution. inProcess supports authorization only (auth_only), Authorize and Capture (auth_capture), priors, and credits. <br> inProcess supports XML input and output for those with the technical abilty. For rapid deployment, you can also use standard PHP variables. With just a little tuning from your existing application, you'll be able to process credit card payments in no time at all.

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