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Title DejaSearch
Platform Unix
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DejaSearch
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Searching » Web Search
Hits 576
Description DejaSearch is a frontend to, the leading Usenet archive and search engine. DejaSearch will submit a search for you to, then retrieve and consolidate all search results into one single HTML file, sorted in newgroup, subject and date (reverse) order. This means related messages will be closer to one another, with the more recent messages nearer to the top. This also means you can print out the entire file and read the messages at your leisure, instead of having to go through them one by one on the screen. DejaSearch can now function both as a command-line utility as well as a CGI script.


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Scripts Related to - DejaSearch

Script Name


This is a simple Perl script that will generate a search box on a web page to allow users to search any of the major search engines. Currently supported sites include Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, Lycos, and more. It requires SSI.

Anaconda! Foundation Series

The Anaconda Foundation Series of products offer metasearching of Software, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Video Games, Books, Music, Videos, Toys, Web Sites, MP3s, Usenet Forums, Auctions, and Jobs. Foundation Series architecture is a main program that constitutes the "engine" of all of the new scripts, with each new product a stand-alone, drop-in "module" that works with the engine. Each of the new scripts queries the best data sources for its given topic and returns the results in a neat, concise consolidated format using the look and feel of your own website. Search results can now all be CACHED locally providing your users with blazing speed and taking a burden off of your server's CPU and bandwidth consumption.

Altavista Search

This is a simple Perl script that allows you to pull search results out of Altavista search engine and reformat them into your own page. It requires LWP Perl module.


FtpLocate is a FTP search engine written with Perl. Features include: Supports indexing on multiple FTP servers, Very fast - uses glimpse as the indexer, Provides the user two methods for searching (search by name and search by description), Has both web and text version, Generates summaries for all indexed FTP servers, Caches the results of user queries to speed up the response for repeated request, The output is separated into pages, and To minimize the system unavailability caused by data collecting and indexing the data collecting and data indexing are handled by different programs.

MetaSearch Lite

MetaSearch Lite allows your visitors to search Webcrawler from your site. This script makes a network connection to Webcrawler and retrieves the search results specified by the user but is limited in features.

Search Engine Redirector

This script lets visitors at your site search the web by selecting from a list of search engines. It also has the option to log what people are searching for on each site. You will need the HTML code containing the form and engine.cgi. The urls and titles for each engine are hidden in the SELECT tag of the form. This way you can easily add more in the future.

Anaconda! Director

Anaconda! Director allows you to have a single search form that can redirect the user to many different scripts or URLs based on the contents of the form. For example, you can have a single search text field, along with a dropdown or radio buttons to choose between searching Auctions, Amazon Books, MetaSearch, or eToys. You can use A!Director to redirect to other URLs as well.

Google Search


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