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Title DaveLog
Platform Unix
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DaveLog
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 652
Description DaveLog is a statistical log analysis tool written in Perl. It creates comprehensive reports to summarize activity on your web site. DaveLog records and displays hits based on IP, Remote Host, User Agent, and Referring URL. This program also displays statistical data based on hits from the past day, past month, or past year.


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Scripts Related to - DaveLog

Script Name

WebGenieÖ Site*Sleuth

WebGenieÖ Site*Sleuth analyses your servers logfiles and presents the information in a useful and easy to understand format. Features include: hits to your site including individual pages visited and time of visits, browser types of your visitors, country and domain type (eg com,org,edu etc) of your visitors, actual web site where your visitors were last before travelling to your pages, "key words" typed into the internet search engines in order for people to find you, errors people have had when trying to access your various web pages, and aborted downloads from your sites web pages.


MailMyStats is a simple, low cost, website traffic reporting system written for anyone who prefers to receive their website traffic report by e-mail rather than having to access their statistics by other, sometimes lengthy, means. It is simple to install, records multiple pages, logs the usual traffic information (date and time, page visited, host name/IP, browser/OS) and does not require the use of SSI or any knowledge of programming. The frequency of receiving reports is completely optional. Once installed, MailMyStats requires no additional administration.

Link Tracker

Powerfull tool that lets you check which links on your site (internal/external or even banner ads) are being clicked and displays the last unique IP along with the time per each active link. Takes less than 2 minutes to install and setting up your links is a breeze.

Meta Tag Analyzer

Check your title, abstract, description and keywords to ensure they're in top shape and ready to go! Make sure these tags are set up properly and contain the recommended dosage of words and phrases.

Meta Tag Generator (MTG)

A meta tag generator that produces professional meta tags with proper syntax recommended by the engines and spiders. Produces 11 fields for maximum potential as some engines require different tags to be used. Option to email results to the user.

UF Prime

An advanced tracker with plenty of stats - date, IP, browser, referrer, current location. All info collected by an image and JavaScript.


LoggerPro helps you track your visitors behaviour in a simple and easy to read format. Featuring logs of referrers / browsers / screen size & colors / platforms / browser preferences: js & cookies / graphical view of the hours / days / months / years / etc., plus and tracking log of individual visitors and more. By combining cookie and non-cookie logging, counters are updated uniquely with new visitors, and old visitors who may have changed their preferences, thus giving you a result that is as accurate as possible. SSI is not required. Also includes the ability to offer Free Stats for your "webmaster" visitors.

Plasma Links Manager

With help of this Perl script you can know All helpful information about your site visits. You may see Date, Time, IP, COUNTRY, Language, Browser and System! Easy installation. Use a script for a wide range of users. We have combined convenience with functionality. Only in PLM v1.0! Graphic and CSS interface.

MMH Counter/Logger v2.0

The Counter/Logger script is easy to use and set-up. It can act as an invisible logger. It can track when your visitors arrive, what pages they view, where they come from, what type of browsers they use, their IP addresses, and much more. It gives you the ability to see exactly what your visitors want and what they like on your site. It has an admin area that lets you view your log files. These log files are as small as they can get and can be easily backed up or deleted.

EGstats advanced multipage stats

EGstats is a small script to check your site traffic. You can view how many visitors reach your site, what are most viewed pages, entry point, system informations (browser, OS, language, ...) time informations, referers and so on. You can analize generic traffic or single page traffic.

Google Search


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