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Title Database Tutorial
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description This 4-page tutorial shows all the basics of using Active Server Pages and VBScript to work with databases. It covers Connecting to the Database, Working With Recordsets, and more.


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Scripts Related to - Database Tutorial

Script Name

ASP Data Access for Beginners

The driving force behind Active Server technologies is data access. In order to develop a truly dynamic web site developers need to allow users to access data on demand. Luckily, with Microsoft's Active Server Pages, this is exceedingly easy to do. This article for ASP beginners details how to connect to a SQL Server 7.0 database using ActiveX Data Object (ADO) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Insert Using SQL

This short tutorial demonstrates how to insert data into a SQL database using SQL statements.

Display Table on Web Page

This page demonstrates the capabilities how to display a table from a SQL statement. It illustrates not only how to display the table, but also how to detect that no records were returned from a query, and how to detect null and blank values in the data.

Multiple Form Selection (Where In)

Allowing multiple choices of data observations enables people to customize views of your data and adds value to your applications. This example utilizes our db on the career statistics of Hammerin∆ Hank Greenberg. The years he played are available to select from in a dropdown menu. When multiple years are selected they are passed comma delimited. Utilizing the where in statement in our sql the comma delimited selections are appended to our sql statement to display only those years selected.

Limit query results with the Recordset object

Have this short program around so that you can quickly see what columns and what data are in your database. Here you will see some of the common methods and properties used to limit the results from your SQL query. Using a simple form that takes a table name and a submit button, and you can easily display increments of the table data. Full source code available.

Creating a Simple SQL-Driven Web Site

This hands-on tutorial explains how to develop a simple SQL-driven web site in just minutes. Topics include: Our Database Design, Creating a Data Source, Inserting A Tip Into Our Database, Displaying and Deleting Tips, Searching the Database, and Displaying the Tips.

Generating random records from the Database

This article shows how to generate random records from the database. Also explains how to generate random numbers. Sample Database and Code available for download.

ASP-Database Transactions

This is an article on executing all or none database queries using ASP-Database transactions. Must read for ASP-Database developers. Sample Database and Code available for download.

Speed up Database Access using GetRows

This is an article on using Recordset. It uses GetRows method to speedup database access. One of the fastest ways of displaying database records with ASP. Sample Database and Code available for download.

Fun With Stored Procedures...

This is a brief and very useful tutorial on creating and using stored procedures with your asp applications. A stored procedure is nothing more than an sql statement stored inside a database. The database can be SQL Server or MS Access as well as others. A stored procedure is compiled by your database (for the most part) one time, when it is entered. This results in faster database executions and overall performance updates, and it further separates the sql statement from your asp leaving you with more readable code. This tutorial describes: What is a stored procedure?, Writing stored procedures, Getting the stored procedure into the database, Calling stored procedures in ASP pages, and Modifying and removing stored procedures.

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