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  • Webdata Pro - Free Trial/$599
    Webdata Pro is the relational version of Webdata with a MySQL backend. Webdata Pro requires no programming experience or skills to administrate. Webdata Pro's web interface provides the administrator a point-and-click path through: building tables; designing search pages, reports and forms; managing records; and defining member accounts. Webdata Pro has a built-in shopping cart, and can easily import data from other programs and upload images or documents through the browser. The program has powerful member privileges, allowing the administrator to control each member's access to the data. Calculation fields such as SUM, AVG, COUNT, ESCAPE, IF-ELSE, and more are offerred through Webdata Pro. The software creates complex JOIN queries automatically. The admin just selects the fields and Webdata Pro does the rest. Individually customized reports and forms can be generated using any HTML editor.
  • QuickMySQL - $39
    QuickMySQL is a powerful little MySQL utility program designed for novices and professionals. Create, drop, view and update tables columns and whole databases in seconds. Features: Connect to and access any localhost database on the same server or any remote database server with a URL and port number, View the contents of any or all tables in the working database, View the definitions of any or all tables in the working database, See a count of all records in any or all tables in the working database, Empty or Drop any table in the working database, Get a table re-build SQL statement for any or all tables in the working database, Obtain a print out of the servers variables and status information, Rebuild a table on a remote server with the click of a button, Transfer the entire contents of a table to a table on a remote server with the click of a button, Copy the contents of one table to another table on the same database, and Perform your own SQL statement queries on your working database.
  • Database Doctor Pro - $19.95
    The Database Doctor allows you to manage and display text file databases of any field size. This powerful script can easily be used for a directory of addresses, products, or any list you can imagine. The display script is very customizable, but automated so that it works right out of the box as well. Version 3.0 features include column settings for required fields, unique fields, data types, default input and more. Easy forms for adding new items, preview, editing, deleting, search, sort by field, and will even prepare a page of your data for printing.
  • CSV Manager - Free
    CSV manager is a Perl script that allows you to add records or to perform searches on one or several csv databases.
  • Alzabo - Free (GPL)
    Alzabo is a two-fold program. Its first function is as a data modelling tool. Through either a schema creation interface or a custom perl program, you can create a set of schema, table, column, etc. objects that represent your data model. Alzabo is also capable of reverse engineering an existing data model. Its second function is as a RDBMS to object mapping system. Once you have created a schema, you can use the Alzabo::Runtime::Table and Alzabo::Runtime::Row classes to access its data. These classes offer a low level interface to common operations such as SQL SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE commands.
  • JiffyDB Manager - $24.95
    This is a webstore database manager that allows you to add, edit, delete, search by item id, update inventory, or produce a dated, printable page for your records or back-up.
  • ImageDB for Members - $1,000+
    This is a Web based database system supporting hundreds of thousands of images plus unlimited short and long text fields. Each user must complete a "User Login" process before he can access his member area to update his own record or search other members only databases. All Web interfaces and system outputs are controlled by HTML templates which can be easily designed by any Website designers.
  • csGridView - $35
    csGridView is an automated script that allows the user to manage flat file databases with very little effort. Features: You can import existing databases (tab delimited, comma delimited or pipe. delimited), Copy and paste text into a management window, or, Create a new database from scratch, Multiple database management is a breeze, HTML viewing of database information is automatic, Create multiple HTML templates to view the database information, and much more.
  • flat ODBC - Freeware
    The author notes "You can download this old script of mine, written when I was a Perl begginer. It's not optimized for anything and has a bad Perl style, but it's working, so if you don't need quality, but speed of start up your application - go for it."
  • HandySQL - Free (Open Source)
    HandySQL is a handy MySQL access module which is 20% faster than DBI, and with very well-designed programming interface.
  • SunnyScript's EasyData Cute
    EasyData Cute is a lite version of professional database management system EasyData. EasyData Cute can manage multiple databases. The administration panel allows you to work on your databases using a human-friendly interface that handles all tasks like creation of new databases, modifications and more. Each record can consist of unlimited fields having also special attributes to mark URLs and e-mail addresses or to restrict fields being searched or viewed only in search operations. The build-in search feature allows you to search your databases easily with keywords or use combinations (AND, OR, NOT) and brackets.
  • SunnyScript's EasyData - Commercial
    EasyData is an all-round, but easy-to-use database management system (DBMS) suited for versatile database applications like product catalogues, search engines and more. EasyData comes with a wide range of features like handling of categories, record voting and comment system, integration of images and binary files, record expiration, various field types and field validation. You can also allow online record additions and modifications (also moderated, of course) directly from your website. An advanced search tool allows complex search criteria like boolean operators, wildcards, comparisions, phrases, parentheses and filtering. The web-frontend is fully customizable to fit into any existing website layout.
  • DB_Browser - Free (GPL)
    DB_Browser is a CGI tool for developers working with a relational database. It easily facilitates searching, editing, and adding tables within a database, as well as directly querying the database using SQL in a web-browser form. While it can be used as a regular interface to database data itself, it works well as a supplemental tool for developers creating their own primary interface.
  • CGI super DB viewer - Free
    Having problems updating your online database? This is your solution. Just upload the script, fill in a form and you can start updating any database you want! The best thing is that you can save your connections, so you can open them the next time you enter.
  • MySQL SiteMaker - Free (GPL)
    MySQL SiteMaker (mySiteMaker) is a collection of CGI tools to rapidly create web interfaces to MySQL database tables. It is essentially a "Lite" version of phpMyAdmin, which may sound silly and pointless because phpMyAdmin is such a great tool for administrators, BUT sometimes phpMyAdmin is overkill; Especially when you want a web front end to a MySQL database and the intended users are the general public and not administrators. MySQL SiteMaker also provides a great way to create a rough sketch of a web interface to a MySQL database which can then be easily customized to your specific needs. Features include: Web based configuration, Automatically generates Search, Results and Edit HTML screens, The search screen is very simple, easy to use and does not require the user to have any knowledge of SQL, The user can select which columns they want to view or export, Searches can be based on the contents of files that the user can upload, Data can be viewed or exported in a variety of ways (as HTML pages, as tab delimited text files, or as MS-Excel files), and The administrator may specify columns in the database that contain only URLs or email address and they will appear in the results screen as hyper-links.
  • MyRecords - Free (GPL)
    MyRecords is an incredibly versitile web application to maintain SQL records in a professional manner. Designed for office use, with full search capabilities, easy administration, and tons of customization.
  • MySQL Users - Free (GPL)
    This utility attempts to take the irritation out of creating new MySQL users by providing a simple, web-based interface that does most of the tedious work for you. It can also be used to add additional privileges to existing MySQL users.
  • mysqldiff - Free
    mysqldiff is a Perl script which compares the data structures (i.e. table definitions) of two MySQL databases, and returns the differences as a sequence of MySQL commands suitable for piping into mysql which will transform the structure of the first database to be identical to that of the second (c.f. diff and patch). Database structures can be compared whether they are files containing table definitions or existing databases, local or remote.
  • Universal database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL - contact
    WebToSQL is a Web-based database shell (database explorer) using thin client approach and a RAD tool for development of Web database driven applications. It creates dictionary based systems or generates source codes in a variety of languages. Using meta data extracted from database catalog (in case of WebToSql application - from application dictionary), WebToSql generates DHTML forms for data access in a tabular view and/or form (input/editing) view. WebToSQL provides you with highly developed facilities for export-import and report generation. The work with database structure, database and WebToSQL application designing, generating of program source codes (Perl, PHP, ASP), oriented on data search, input/edit and manipulating are supported. WebToSql is a kind of application server for universal access to databases.
  • MySQL Import - Free
    The "mysql_import" package consists of an HTML and a CGI script that allow people to import files into MySQL databases via the web. The main features that this package offers is ease of use and it allows the user to specify arbitrary field and line delimiters (i.e. each delimiter can be more than two characters in length if need be).

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