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  • myLittleAdmin Lite - Free
    myLittleAdmin for SQL Server and MSDE is a web-based database administration tool. With myLittleAdmin, you will do through a browser almost everything you did before with Enterprise Manager. Provided in source code format.
  • Admin Admin is an ASP based MySQL database administration program. Built with the Windows web host in mind, this system makes using a MySQL database on a Windows shared webhosting system easy and efficient. * Works on Personal Web Server, IIS 4, IIS 5 * MyODBC 2.5 or greater * Create a new database and user in just 3 clicks. * System Admins have full control of database.
  • Data Dictionary Tool - $ 99.99
    Easily document your databases using this web-based tool. It's really as simple as selecting your server, your database, and table(s)! Printable reports for your edited column descriptions are available.
  • 2eNetWorX TableEditor
    Use your databases over the web, modify both data and structure, pure ASP, no components.Supports Access, SQL Server and ODBC. New in 0.8: Compilation of cool contributions, TDC for IE, export to Excel and XML, web enabled configurations.
  • ASP DB Admin Control - Free
    This is a small web based database administration code using ASP 3.0 and Access database. Features 1) Login 2) Control Panel 3) Add records 4) Edit records 5) Delete records 6) Logout
  • access2asp - Free Trial/$89
    access2asp is a conversion tool for access databases that converts your db to clean, commented pro asp / code. It produces a 'front end' and an 'admin' section with ability to view,search,add, edit and delete. Also produces a pure asp image library and WYSIWYG editor for memo fields allowing administrators to create content reich pages with ease. All sql statements, dsnless connection, javascript validation for required fields, drop down style paging on list screens,'order by' links on list screen column names, forms in admin,css stylesheets ,search function (choose AND/OR operators) all generated in one click. version 3.0 now generates a WYSIWYG editor and supports asp and,3.2 now has an option for generating header and footer files
  • Webtool
    Of the shop by the student of urban Stedelijke Nijverheids- & Taalleergangen it was devised. That is nothing else then ordinary test surroundings for a further large design. There is sold nothing on these pages. Someone who has interest with which had been generated of the shop in script. It can download here. There no comments sit in by the fact that it is already simple application and I find also complete it with difficulty to read with comments.
  • aspInventory
    I designed this database to help me keep track of the growing inventory in my IT shop. It allows for searching by any of the fields in the database, and also lets you configure your own container numbering system, location names, etc. It runs on any webserver that supports ASP.
  • DataGrid Windows Script Component
    A WSC DataGrid Class with examples you can just unzip and run. Does not need to be registered (but can be). Can be called from VBScript or JScript. See examples and readme for usage.
  • Data Grid Class
    The developer writes "After playing with ASP .NET's Data Grid, I figured I'd create something similar for use with ASP. I've begun by creating the properties and methods to reproduce the most commonly used and useful features of .NET's data grid." Easy to run examples included. Updated 10/28! 2nd version which allows column headers to be rendered as sort by links. Updated 12/27! Now can customize error message and display. Updated 2/21! Class optimized.
  • Complete Database Manager - $9.99
    This script will allow you to add, edit, or delete any record from all tables from all databases. Also gives the ability to generate reports in csv, xls, txt, html, xml (please request others, I will see what I can do). All you have to do is make a few changes to variables at the top of the script, upload and go. Automatically detects all Access databases and gives you functionality to them. Pictures and more descriptions available at the link above. Version 1.1 includes ability to add/delete tables and fields, plus much more. Version 1.2 beta allows connection to databases besides Access, like MySQL and MS SQL. Also allows for user accounts with different read/write permissions and logs all logins. Adding tables and fields to databases other than Access not yet guaranteed
  • SQLmon - $ 49.99 and up
    New lower price... Web-based SQL server management. The only web-based product that can display the last T-SQL command running within the process. Easily view the current SQL Server log, kill nuissance processes, and view database usage. Nag free demo available.
  • Slavsoft Action IT projects - FREE
    Our site is global and we have worldwide project resources to apply to your needs. Post any project for outsourcing and get FREE quotes from IT Project professionals.
  • QuB ASP :: Visual SQL Queries for Dreamweaver - $99
    For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, QuB is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation. Unlike other tools, QuB manages tables, relations and conditions for queries in your web browser. Features: --Integrated Dreamweaver Recordset support; --Ease of use; --Increased productivity; --Tight database integration; --Automate SQL query generation; --Visual Query Editing; --All Dreamweaver server models support (PHP, CFM, ASP, .NET, JSP); --Support for various database servers.
  • Database Web Explorer - Free Trial/$59
    Database Web Explorer is an universal Web-based database manager intended to work with DBMS in Internet/Intranet networks. It allows you to manipulate the data stored in databases via Internet. As programm of the remote access the usual Web-browser is used. Database Web Explorer was developed with ASP technology in pure script language and does not required installation of any additional COM-components, DLL or ActiveX.
  • AxpDB - Free demo/$119
    AxpDB is a component for ASP that allows you to display and EDIT your database tables or queries with almost no coding. Publish tables or queries from Access, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase or any other ADO enabled database. User can sort on any column, page through the recordset or go to detailed form page. Select appearance, apply formatting or regular expression functions to data, Excel export and much more.
  • Job Database - $39
    Our Job Database script allows the user to add, edit, or delete jobs from web forms rather than using HTML. The script is ideal for people who don't know HTML or don't have much time to maintain web pages. The data is stored in an Access database.
  • Getdataarray - Free
    A function which returns an array containing data specified in an SQL statement using GetRows. Includes measures to help combat SQL injection.
  • ASP Report Wizard 0.3 - Freeware
    Generate ASP Reports dynamically. This version includes the ability to save reports and queries. It also includes the capability of exporting reports to different format including Excel, XML, Text and CSV formats. If you need more functionality, please let me know. If you like this code, please vote for me. Thanx
  • WDK DB Installer for ASP - Free
    WDK DB Installer allows you to setup Access database data file with tables structure and data specified within SQL script files.

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