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Title DVDdb
Platform Linux, PHP 4.0, MySQL
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DVDdb
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Music Libraries
Hits 1011
Description DVDdb is a PHP/MySQL based database system that allows users to track what movies they own and which have been loaned out to friends.


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Scripts Related to - DVDdb

Script Name Lyrics Database Lyrics Database is a free script to manage your lyrics. There isn't any admin section yet, but it will come in the future version. You must leave the copyright notice.


this class allows you to load audio-files (wav,aif,mp3,ogg at the moment) and check their attributes like sample-frequency, resolution, channels, length, format, compression, id3-tags and more. besides this it visualizes audio-samples they way you know it from waveLab, CoolEdit or any other audio-editor.


Let your visitors create their own playlist from your collection of files, and then listen to the stream over Winamp or Windows Media Player. 100% templated to fit in with your current site design! Only one script and one template to edit. Your visitors can use any MP3 player program that supports .m3u playlist files.

GCD Creator

This file creates a complete list of gcd files. Just put the script in the direcotry of midi files. It will create .gcd on the fly.

mp3 playlist for b2 blog

Enables the integration of an mp3 playlist for your b2 blog. needs winamp and "whats playing plugin for winamp" which sends data to mysql databank on your b2 blog site everytime you play a song on your winamp. features include "playing now" and history of all songs heard.

Richard's Mp3 Search

Uses locate to find your mp3 and ogg files and then searches them providing a dynamic playlist. Do a "locate .mp3 .ogg" from your command line to see if this script will work for you. If you supply a regular expression for a search and a basic word then your regular expression will take precedence. The list of mp3's will point to a local file - so the script assumes you are using a local filesystem. A dynamic playlist is also created for download. This is probably a good script to learn from for beginners.


Let your visitors create their own playlist from your collection of files, and then listen to the stream over Winamp or Windows Media Player.


myMp3DB indices your MP3 files on disk and puts ID3-tags and MPEG data into the DB. Can search for artist/title/album in filename/ID3, and list the xxx newest files. Or just browse your Folders and display/download/enqueue whole folders of your mp3 files. You can use it on a seperate server to serve your clients (m3u aware) or just run it on a single computer. You can download or/and enqueue the found files. Admin password to handle the update of the Database. Currently only available in German. If you have essential proposals to improve the script, email the author. The scripts are left quite simple, so you can easily adopt them into your environment!

CD Collection

CD Collection is a simple PHP script that allows you to display your cd collection by artist, albums, and songs. New feature added 11-2-02 Admin section for entering cd collection data. It requires php and mysql. <a href="">Demo</a>

Digital Audio Database

DAD (digital audio database) is a Web-based browser of your audio-database and is part of the DAVE/DINA-project. You can play songs, create playlists (random or based on categories or chosen numbers), you can rate songs, add songs, change and so on. Also, a couple of perl-scripts to import your audio-parameters (album, filename etc) are included. <b>Update: First initial RPM-release</b>

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