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Flash » Movies » DS Snow


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Title DS Snow
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DS Snow
Category Flash » Movies
Hits 763
Description This flash animation displays a snow effect. The flash animation includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.


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Scripts Related to - DS Snow

Script Name

TabPanel by Cool Focus

TabPanel consists of an unlimited number of tabs arranged horizontally in a single row above the main panel. Scroll buttons are shown automatically if required, allowing hidden tabs to be scrolled into view. Selecting a new tab displays an unlimited number of text-buttons on the main panel. Each button links to a separate URL. TabPanel includes options to allow a full choice of colors (including highlight and shadow colors for the tabs' 3D appearance), and different fonts for tabs and buttons.

DS Stars

This flash animation displays a stars effect. The flash animation includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.

flappFAQ : Prebuilt online FAQ app

Have you ever wanted to add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your site, but didn't want to overwhelm the user with too much information. The flappFAQ is a self-contained, easy to manage FAQ built entirely in Flash. It's menu and "contents" are driven by very easy to edit XML files. You merely place the flappFAQ on your page, modify the included XML files to suit your Q&As, upload, and your set to go. It even comes with a contact form for users to submit questions/comments which aren't addressed by your FAQ. - XML-driven - built entirely in Flash - stylish and functional - attractive interface - allows you the freedom of loading as many (or as few) Q&A files as you need - simply embed as you would any normal flash file - copy&paste code is provided - user can increase or decrease font size as needed - add/modify/rearrange Q&As from ONE easy to edit XML file - place JPEG (non-progressive) images into your "answers" using standard HTML tags - perfect for sites focused on web hosting, design, technology, family, church, etc. brought to you by FLAPPS...

Mailman by Cool Focus

Mailman is an email-sending Flash applet that works with an ASP or PHP script (included) to send mail from a web page. You can control how visitors use Mailman: allow email to be sent to any address, lock the applet to a single email address, or set a list of allowed domains. You can also set a list of contact aliases, such as 'Sales Inquiries', 'Support Requests', etc. These are shown in a drop-down list, letting visitors choose which department to contact without seeing or typing addresses.

DS Compress

This Flash animation displays a 'compress' effect. Includes an HTML code generator that allows change to the parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming

SlideBar by Cool Focus

SlideBar is a two-level horizontal menu (which can also be used as a single-level vertical menu of buttons). Bars containing second-level links slide out horizontally when the mouse moves over a first-level item. The menu can be aligned to the left or right of the page, and items slide in the appropriate direction. Items react to mouse-hover by fading between colors, and can have gradient fills. Different fonts, styles and colors can be applied to first- and second-level items.

Flash Web Site

Very beautiful flash web site! With music and creative graphics. You can change intro, background images, music, text,links and etc.

FeedMe by Cool Focus

FeedMe is an RSS feed and blog reader supporting RSS/RDF formats up to v2.0 and the Atom format. FeedMe displays an unlimited number of RSS feeds in a scrolling list to the left of the applet; clicking a feed loads its channels and items into the Channel window to the right for reading, using a supplied ASP or PHP script. FeedMe gives full control over all colors and fonts used. FeedMe can also load feeds from URLs passed in dynamically via JavaScript, and supports mouse-wheel scrolling in IE6+.

Messenger by Cool Focus

Messenger is a single-line text display control with a horizontal fading effect. An unlimited number of items can be displayed, each with their own text colors and linking to separate URLs. The animation speed can be fine-tuned, along with the length of time each message pauses on the screen. Animation can be paused when the mouse enters, and items can gain an HTML-style underline when the mouse hovers over them. A drop-shadow effect can be applied to the text.

Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper

Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper is an up to date audio DVD extractor and ripper which provides a simple, fast method to rip DVD audio and save as Mp3 or Wav format. Using DVD Audio Ripper, you are able to rip audio tracks out from a DVD with ease. No more multiple programs, no more complex progress. The software product is an ideal solution to music DVDs, concert DVDs and old movies. Listen to your favorite movies from now on!

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