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Title DLMan
Platform Windows, *nix, Mac
Price $45.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DLMan
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Download Systems
Hits 519
Description DLMan is a powerful, customizable, and secure way to distribute your digital goods to clients instantly! It extends upon a simple download system with ordering features, powerful administration tools, and a full member area. DLMan allows you to process transactions and then grant your clients access to the membersĘ area to download your products. It also creates a single sign-on environment by integration with your existing forum or community system. DLMan now offers full integration with PayPal and 2Checkout, in addition to forum integration with vBulletin, phpBB, and Invision Board. We will integrate any other payment system or content management system on request. The latest version includes vBulletin 3.x integration, an add-on shopping cart, and several other improvements.


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Scripts Related to - DLMan

Script Name

Download Trakker

Download Trakker will log information about an infinite number of files. You may either set downloads via link, or use form-based that logs the visitor's email and name. You can view the average downloads per day. Download Trakker uses a MySQL database and comes with an install script.

Magic Downloads

Easy to install and control file download manager gives you an ability to view statistics on file downloads from your site. There is also an option to collect emails of downloading visitors during files give away. Every page of Magic Downloads control panel has detailed instructions providing ability to use the system even for completely novice users. Fast free support is provided through support forum. Program doesn't require MySQL and can be installed in ready to run condition in 3 minutes.

SMe Filemailer

SMe FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. Upon submitting the information, the file is sent to the visitor via email. great way to stop leeching!


A simple download script that doesn't require MySQL, it's simple to install and easy to use. It uses different icons for common filetypes, features a download counter, skinable, displays the file size (up to 1024 GB) and sorts the downloads by order of when they were uploaded, a logo for downloads less than 2 days old, search, top ten downloads.


Easy to install and maintain with many features to control and monitor your download files within a secure admin area. Set-up a download file with just 3 items of information and get the link code to copy into your site pages. The true locations of your files are hidden and access from designated domains only can be enforced. Options for limiting downloads are available and a suite of real time reports in combination with e-mail notifications will keep you up-to-date with downloading activity.

Download Protector

Download Protector is a bandwidth protection script that will stop people linking to your downloads. It also supports unlimited download urls and files.

PHP Downloader

Complete download tracking system with statistics. Checks for availability, shows number of downloads and has 2 statistics, total downloads of all files, and a top 5 / top 10 system. No database, uses txt files for counters. With counter for total downloaded files in statistics and bandwith used per file and total.

Fantastic File Database

Fantastic File Database is an easy to use File Database Script that lets you sort files by category and sub categories. It allows you to upload files or provide url's, search the database, database stats, file rating, file comments. It includes an integrated user system with works with the admin area as well as the comments. It contains a who's online for the database. Finally, it's easy to install and it's skin based and skins are simple.

PHP Easy Downloader

PHP Easy Download is an easy to use and convenient download script. Simply drop the script into the directory where the download files reside. The script does the rest of the work. PHP Easy Download will thumbnail jpg images if the GD library is available. The GD Library is NOT required however, and the script will work just fine without it. It DOES NOT require MYSQL. Features: Sort the download list by popularity, alphabetically, file size. Search the download library by keyword. Presents your large download library in pages (paginates). Tracks how many times a file was downloaded. Includes an admin function. Output is customizable.

The Hunter

The Hunter enables any website owner with a collection of files to display those files through a simple, elegant, easy to use web interface. The Hunters main features are: Displays information about files including bitrate/sampling rate, length, album name and song name for many audio file formats, length of video files and resolution and colour depth of images Display your images in a slideshow with a single click Play videos easily in your web browser using The Hunter and your web browsers video player plugin The Hunter can also act as a media jukebox either over the internet for your group/band, or running on your own computer or LAN to easily play music from your own private collection.

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