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Title DBZ Net Online
Platform Win NT, XP, etc
Price FREE
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DBZ Net Online
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » General
Hits 1004
Description DBZ Net Online is a popular users online PHP script for websites. The script will count the number of visitors currently visiting your site, in real time. Absoultely No delay. When a new visitor comes to your site or goes to another page, it will update, when they leave it updates also. It has excellent template system and is very user friendly. All you have to do is upload, chmod 2 files and it's done. A simple 5 second installation.


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Script Name


phpMyPhilter is a plugin aimed at blocking bad words on your scripts such as forums/bulletin boards, contact forms, shoutboxes, guestbooks, chat rooms, webmails. In one word Everything you can see on the web where a visitor can type in.


The PHP Report classes are used to create html report pages from a generic result set array. A result set is any array you can came up with. That usually means the result of a sql query, and normally it is not ready for display. The classes here are used to parse that result using HTML templates. Sometimes you need to process your result before sending it to the user. Think of a shop cart. You have to list products, add columns, multiply one column with another, format the fields, so dates and floats coming from the database or operations dont show up as 8 decimal digits and strange date patterns to the user, etc. All of these and more is be done by this class. Just feed in your result and a HTML template and you will get a nice html page to show to the user.

Recipe Master

Features: Password Protection; Rate Recipes; Add/Edit/List/Delete Recipes; Email Recipe to Friend; Add/Edit/List/Delete Email List; Newsletter Option; Edit/List/Delete Users; Top 10 Recipes; Edit Site Settings; Full Search System; Edit Admin Login; Account Signup; Add/Edit/List/Delete Site Ads; Users Can Add/View Recipes; Add/Edit/List/Delete Categories; Built in Ads System; Stats # of Recipes, Users; Emails in list, Categories, Recipes waiting approval; List Recipes by Categories and/or alphabetically; Stats View Top 50 Searches; List/Approve Recipes.

X-dome photo gallery script

This is an rellay fancy photo album, has thumbnails navigation and an admin, option to upload files.


IPB_deletePosts is a little tool that is intended to make deleting posts an easy task. In the normal IPB (Invsion Power Board) you have to hit the DELETE Button then confirm and then delete the next post. If you want to clean a whole topic, this can take a while. With IPB_deletePosts these times are gone. Features: displays every forum in a combobox, shows all topics and posts with a checkbox, all selected posts can be deleted with one click, no confirmation necessary. Note: This add-on is not meant to be used for forums with more than 500+ posts. This add-on has not integrated user authentification. I used a ".htaccess" file to allow only valid admins to use my add-on. IPB_deletePosts has only be tested with Invision Power Board v1.1. I assume the 1.2 has no database changes so it should work with it, too.


A very powerfull shoutbox, that has a AdminCP for easy moderating. Supports smilies. ALso, easy to install


Parses text content to produce HTML. Output can be modified by placing tags in the text. Designed to be easy to add custom tags to the code or whole new parsers for different output.

maddogsplace Dynamic Urls

Create dynamic urls with pretty much no code at all! very simple to do, but very effective, no database needed! just a tiny tiny php code!

Recommend this Site

A package to add a 'Recommend Site' feature to your webpage. To reduce misuse, a tracking code is displayed. Message is only sent if tracking code is typed into appropriate field in form. Style sheets for easy customisation

FirmPay Software

How would you like to own your very own payment processing website and business built with security minded programming It doesn't take a genius to figure out this type of website is a sound business investment. If advertised right this type of website can make you $1,000 - $10,000 a week! $4,000 - $40,000 a month! $52,000 - $520,000 a year! A peer to peer payment system like this one will build a good customer base quickly using simple viral marketing techniques allowing its users to pay for auctions, services and goods. You can charge from 2.5% - 7% per transaction! You get 100% of those profits as you will completely own the website. The FirmPay software is completely secure and is based on the power of PHP and MySQL with encryption techniques installed on the authorization modules of the site for complete security of the funds of the users. The extensive admin panel offers an absolute control over the whole website and provides the administrators with complete stats of the activity of the site.

Google Search


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