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Title DALMaker.NET
Platform Win, XP
Price 149.96
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - DALMaker.NET
Category ASP.NET » Software
Hits 749
Description This program will read a MS Access database and write Classes VB.NET, C#, or JScript classes for each individual table you select or all tables within your database. It is a complete Business Logic Layer application. DALMaker and it's generator is a convenience toolset. The generator can produce typed collections for you to use in building your Business Logical Layer using the new Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 solutions. The data agent objects are basically simple connection managers that simplify Connecting, Querying, Updating, Inserting and Deleting data. All of your unique DALMaker objects are DataTable structs for simplifying database connection routines. The generated classes, can be used as is for interacting with your database. Just set their connection properties and tell them to go. The program was written and targeted at the .NET Framework version 1.1. If you have the latest operating system from Microsoft then your computer may already have the neccessary files. If not, then you will probably need to download these files for free from the Microsoft website. Free files from Microsoft by following the URL listed below:


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