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  • Trouble Ticket Express
    Free trouble ticket software. Simple yet powerful help desk for your web site. Features trouble ticket tracking, email alerts, unlimited operators, ticket transfers and highly customizable html and email templates. Additional modules for file uploads, email based submissions and MySQL database.
  • ams - aLL mY sUPPORT - Freeware
    The script will help you to handle requests from users of your homepage. There are lots of features such as:<br> - get messages from a pop3 account and store them in a database<br> - users can add messages directly via form<br> - every message has its unique ticket id<br> - corresponding ticket id is retrieved automatically and can be added manually<br> - you can answer requests, simply store them with a comment, forward them to other users with a comment or set them as junk<br> - research in old messages<br> - statistics per user/type of messages user/rating<br> - personal header and footer for every user<br> - standard replies for all users<br> - generate a public FAQ for visitors where you can modify the messages and select which one should be displayed<br> - original messages are always kept in a textfile<br>
  • Prosupporter - free
    Prosupporter is a webbased helpdesk script to manage emails and support requests. One or more staff members use one POP3-Account to send and receive requests. Features: - get messages from a pop3 account and store them in a database - recognition and storage of email attachments - users can send requests with a web based submission form - users can send requests by submitting an email - every message has its unique ticket id for tracking - corresponding ticket id is retrieved automatically and can be added manually via subject line - you can answer requests, simply store them with a comment, forward them to other users with a comment or set them as junk - research in old messages - statistics per user/type of messages user/rating - personal header and footer for every user - standard replies for all users - generate a public FAQ (knowledgebase) for visitors where you can modify the messages and select which one should be displayed - original messages are always kept in a textfile - span pages - templated based - rating of replies - access from any webbrowser worldwide (home office)
  • Nuvana WebForm Mailer - Free
    With Kontak you can give your web site visitors way to submit questions from their web browsers. When a website visitor submits a question, the form output is mailed to both the visitor and an address you specify. A unique tracking number is generated, and is displayed to the visitor for future reference. All messages and logs include the tracking number. The scripts can be easily configured to match any web site's look and feel. All configuration settings are held in a single file which can be edited using any text editor. Also includes a Web-based Control Panel style configurator. <b>New in version v1:</b> General code optimization and improved appearance.
  • Ascad Support System
    Loaded with an advanced ticketing system, a powerful live support feature, both an F.A.Q. and knowledgebase builder, helpdesk search features, and template based integration, Support System will grant your company unimaginable control over its customer support. Take an online tour, visit our online live demonstration, and read through our list of features today!
  • AtomicSoft AtomicDesk/SQL "plus" - $295.00
    Helpdesk, FAQ, knowledge base, smart autoresponders, live support chat - all in one product. AtomicDesk supports user requests sent via web-based interface, as well as incoming requests from POP3 mailbox. Intelligent autoresponder system can send the best-matching answers from FAQ/knowledge base and reduce workload of support staff. Staff can communicate using either web-based staff panel, or their e-mail client. Personal permissions and response priority are configurable for each staff member. Comprehensive overall usage statistics and efficiency reporting module motivates staff to do their work better. Fuzzy logic powered search engine for FAQ and KnowledgeBase finds relevant answers better than exact keywords search engines and places the most relevent articles on the top. If customer requests a chat session via special form, AtomicDesk selects the best-suited chat partner automatically. All chat sessions are recorded for reference or for later followup. With "Direct chat" function your visitors are just in one click away from chat session with operator.
  • WonderDesk SQL
    WonderDesk is a fully automated Web based help desk program. Your customers are notified via email each step of the way, throughout the duration of their support request. At any time, they can log back in and check the status or update their support request. They can also work one on one with the technician that is assigned to the support request. Other main features include: complete organization for your company, designed for the Internet or Intranet, allows you to hire remote technicians, automatic notification to the technicians via email or pager, efficient point and click interface, fully searchable database including customer history, tons of statistics, and much more.
  • csLiveSupport :: Web based, LIVE, customer support system! - $99
    csLiveSupport is a live customer support application that lets you interact with your customers in real time. Your web site visitors can contact you immediately, live, using only their web browser. If they have a question while they are looking over your site, all they have to do is click the image that says you are online. They are immediately connected to the csLiveSupport control panel where they can chat with a representative of your organization in real time.
  • Help Desk for Intranets - 499
    Auscomp IT Commander is a leading new generation of enterprise software applications built from the ground up on Internet architecture, and available for the first time on a never before available 'try before you buy' basis for such applications. Delivers comprehensive Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Data, Security, Asset and Cost Management functionality in a pure, easy to use and cost efficient Intranet Application. Free full featured 28-day trial.
  • HelpDesk Customer Support Installation Service - $19.99
    Customer Support Installation Service will install any script for your convenience. It's affordable, easy and done by professionals. No programming knowledge required, we do the thinking for you. Your script will be up and running within hours.
  • Angel Desk - $169
    Angel Desk is an advanced customer support help desk with a web-based interface and email integration. Angel Desk has been designed to be multi-lingual and is entirely template based. A plugin system is also included as well as a powerful permission system enabling administrators to control the actions a staff member can perform within the control panel.
  • @1 Helpdesk XP Perl V1.2 - Freeware
    A web-based helpdesk system. It supports file attachments, hidden remarks, priority marking etc. Unlike other similar products, this script does not use the conventional "assign/completed" method to close past tickets. Instead, it uses an intelligent method to sort/rank inquiry tickets. You can even tell whether your replies have been read by the visitors. It is now FREE!
  • Customer Tracking System - GPL
    Let Customers Submit their request and you get E-Mail notifications in order to respond to your customers. A simple and Colorful way of tracking Customer Requests with an easily configurable Customer Request Form. A sort on Customer, Status of Ticket, Date Submitted and even Agents is available. Try the test online, where the Email notification even works if you submit a valid Email-ID.
  • rEmindZ - GPL
    rEmindZ automatically sends an e-mail to your client, 7 days before payment of an invoice is due. The e-mail tells the client the date of the invoice and when the payment is due. rEmindZ can be used for other reminders.
  • Supportsystem - Freeware
    The Supportsystem is a Ticket-ID based support system. Users can add their questions, have full control of their tickets and can access their status anytime. The admin receives the mail and answer the question via Web. The script requires MySQL and some other Modules. You can change the design easily and change the names of the CGI-Files.
  • OTRS - Open Ticket Request System - Free (GPL)
    OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) is an open source Ticket Request System and email management system with many features to manage customer telephone calls and email. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries.
  • cns Live Help - $55 AUD
    Provide 1 to 1 Live Chat with your customers and website visitors while your online. Features Include: 1 to 1 Live Chat, Admin screen to view all help requests, Easily turn Live Help On or Off, Supports multiple help requests, Converts to an enquiry form when your offline, Customizable colors, Easy to install and operate.
  • Web Dev Live Support - $50
    Web Dev Live Support is a real-time messaging software that allows your sales people to chat directly with customers while they are on your web site and allow you to add the human touch to your help system. The software is 100% browser based and requires NO extra software or hardware, You can establish one-on-one conversations using a standard web browser, providing support from any computer, anywhere. Features include Unlimited helpers Real-time chats Request live support with a single click Multiple chat requests Email signature Email transcripts Visitor footprints tracking Capture visitor data (IP, Browser & OS...) Track page where the visitors clicked from PUSH HTML pages Embed images and a lot more. Demo Available.
  • SuperDesk - 99/159
    SuperDesk is a help desk script, written in Perl, designed to allow a web site's staff to manage requests from its users in a well organised manner. It is completely customizable, easy to use, and is fully controlled by an integrated Control Panel. SuperDesk has full support for both text and HTML emails, and also email attachments. All aspects of SuperLinks can be controlled from its Control Panel including, but not limited to, category management, ticket management, backup & restore functions and general options that control what features are available to the visitor.
  • Live Advisor - $99
    Real-Time Online Chat Support Software. Live Advisor gives your website customers/visitors instant access to real-time technical support or a Live Advisor for pre-purchasing questions. Runs in the background, and has auto chat window pop-ups with audio alerts, so your administrator is sure to get notified of every new chat session.

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