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Title CreaName Infoscripts - Company Name Generator - Name Finder
Platform Windows
Price FREE
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - CreaName Infoscripts - Company Name Generator - Name Finder
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Miscellaneous
Hits 1014
Description CreaName is a free tool created by, helping you find a name for your new company, product, internet domain... The admin control panel let you add, modify and delete words in the system. Moreover you will have the possibility to customize the text colors and background colors.


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Script Name

Digirez Room Booking - Reservation

Digirez is an ASP application which manage facility reservations through your website. New features are: multi-days booking, statistics, images manager, color picker, date picker, vertical or horizontal calendar position, email configuation, Week/Month/6Months view, etc... It's suited for Clubs, Universities, Libraries, Hotels where facilities needs to be reserved in advance.

Check Browser

This is an object based Check Browser. Use the file as an include (no .dll) and get the browser details by accessing the object properties. Script is updated for multipe Browser Agents like Mozilla variants, IE, Opera, Safari and more ...

Winamp Log

Winamp Log is a very easy to use ASP script that lets you show visitors at your site what music your Winamp is currently playing. Including full installation/configuration manual.

Nu Instant Quote System

The NuInstantQuote package includes seven sample applications (view below) one for website design, a very usable quote calculator if you design websites. One for a computer company that builds custom machines and needs the customer to choose various configurations and possible upgrades for a quote on cost. And one for a car rental company that lets it's clients pick different options available including credit and then gives you a quote on monthly cost. A new Web Quote that mails the results to the customer and the the designer. A screenprinting quote that uses a multidimentional array as a lookup table to configure the quote.And our newest package, a full blown instant car insurance quote that that uses tons of different multipication and percentages of the many variables to come to a total!

ASP Link Popularity Checker

ASP link popularity checker V.1 enables you to enter a domain names that will check their link popularity in several major search engines including Google, Excite, MSN, AltaVista and AOL. Link popularity is the amount of web pages in each search engine index that currently link to a specified domain name.

NBDesign's On-Line Cookbook Pro ASP

NBDesignĂs On-Line Cookbook Pro ASP is a ˘complete÷ cookbook program and comes with full design so you can use right away. The configuration is set by adjusting one file. This would include the ability to require visitors to register by turning that feature to ˘On÷ or allowing everyone to post a recipe by turning it to ˘Off÷. Take advantage of our

2eNetWorX HiLiteR

HiLiteR is a new approach to the "view source" utilities by adding extensible syntax highlighting features. Although HiLiteR is not an IDE, it gives you the ability to highlight your code for publication. The parsing and hiliting engine might be used for different programming languages with some changes. Currently, HiLiteR only supports ASP, either with VBScript or JScript.


IxbRewrite is an ISAPI filter that allows you to manipulate/rewrite a request header on the fly using a JScript/VBScript scriptlet.


The PositionInQuotes function returns true or false depending on whether the position in the string you pass into it is between a pair of apostrophes or not. Useful if you're doing any sort of SQL statement validation etc


XSoundMan is a customizable website for Bands and Musicians that includes areas for News, The Band, The Crew, Past & Present Shows/Events, Music (Discography w/Microsoft Streaming Media and up to 75 songs), Reviews and more. XSoundMan starts at $29.95/month. for info.

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