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Title Crashinto Learning Central
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Category Perl & CGI » Tips and Tutorials » Introduction to Perl and CGI
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Description Crashinto Learning Central offers tutorials on Perl, html, and more.


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Start with Perl CGI now!

This is an article series intended to teach perl cgi programming from very starting points to higher level web programming skills. You will learn from very basic concepts and will continue to become a professional web programmer.

Perl Tutorial

This is a series of short tutorials on programming in Perl. It covers a wide range of topics from Basic Syntax, Variables, Scalars, Strings, Functions, Lists, Arrays, Hashes to Conditionals, Subroutines, and File operators. Using all the concepts featured in the series, in the end, you will have a mailform that takes the results of an HTML form and mail the values to a specified person.

Perl/CGI Tutorial

The author notes "This tutorial provides a problem-oriented introduction to Perl within the context of CGI. The approach is narrative. A problem is introduced and the tutorial then proceeds, step by step, to solve the problem. Perl concepts and features are introduced as they are needed to accomplish each step." This tutorial is divided into seven steps: Perl framework and mechanics; Hello, World; Hello, World, from CGI; Hello, World, from CGI, in HTML; Echo Environment Variables; Echo STDIN Variables; and Perl Library.

Perl Basics

This tutorial provides a summary of basic Perl features, organized in categories. It consists of six major sections: Variables and their Related Operators, Control structures, Functions, Regular Expressions, Input/Output, and System Operators.

Beginner's Introduction to Perl

The first part in a new series that introduces Perl to people who haven't programmed before. Some of main topics covered include: Functions and Statements, Numbers, Strings and Quotes, Variables, Comments, Loops, and more.

Perl 101 (Part 1) - The Basics

Known as much for its confusing, often oddball, syntax as for its efficiency and speed, Perl has a mystique that very few languages can match. This first article in a new series gives novice and intermediate programmers an introduction to the basics of the language.

Perl 101 (Part 3) - Looping The Loop

The part 3 of the Perl 101 series teaches you more about Perl's control structures - including the FOR and WHILE loops - and also introduces you to Perl's array variables.

Perl 101 (Part 2) - Of Variables And Operators

After covering the basics of the language, this second article in the series teaches you about Perl's variables and operators, and also introduces you to conditional expressions.

A Beginner's guide to PERL

A Beginner's guide to PERL An introduction to PERL which shows users how to parse forms, and use arrays. The tutorial has been designed with comprehensive examples and step by step explanations.

Perl Tutorial

Here is a nice introductory tutorial on programming in Perl. Main topics include: Running a Program, Strings, String Matching, Loops, Forms, Reading Input, File Input/Output, The Browser, Subroutines, and more.

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